Thank you very much again for treating our son on the 19 September which is just over four weeks ago for his recurrent pilonidal sinus. 

So far everything went just as you said.

The discharge resolved over the last four weeks and the open sinus has close with just a little scab on top.

Everything around it feels soft and not painful on palpation - so looking as good as it can be.

However we are aware as you noticed it was a very long tract, that it might not be the end of it and that our son has to check himself specially in the next few weeks and months. 

Thank you and your team so much for your treatment,care and reassurance which made our son feel so much happier and relieved.

It made a very big difference in our daily lives and fingers crossed for the future.

Hopefully your non invasive method will be used more widely that all people suffering with this can benefit from not having major surgery.