Grandmothers sight restored in time to meet first granddaughter

22 October 2014

A legally blind grandmother was spared the pain of not being able to see her first granddaughter after staff at Spire Liverpool Hospital removed severe cataracts in both eyes.

Lilly Rugg, 50, from Kirby, had dealt with almost complete blindness for over 12 months, during which time she also lost her husband Terry.

Despite what many would view as a horrific year, Lilly’s pain was eased having had both cataracts removed at Spire Liverpool Hospital in time to see her first granddaughter, Calle-Mae, who was born in August.

“I was legally blind in both eyes and I was very keen to get the operations done quickly as my first granddaughter was on the way and I couldn’t see anything,” said Lilly.

“It’s meant so much to me to get the operation done and it’s obviously made my life so much easier and very different.

“It was unbearable beforehand; I was going out and frightened of getting hurt because I couldn’t see anything.”

Following the operation, Lilly has since been recovering at home and is enjoying her new lease of life.

“My recovery has been good and the staff at Spire Liverpool Hospital were excellent. They were made up with how my first operation especially went, and now I can read and do everything I want to do.

“I can see my granddaughter and when I went back to get my eyesight checked I was passed fit for driving. I read down the full board, everyone was very pleased with me and I’m really happy how it’s gone.”

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