Cataract Surgery Q&A with Mr Usman Mahmood

06 September 2017

What is your philosophy of cataract surgery from a patient perspective?

I believe in the philosophy that cataract surgery is full vision surgery i.e. the best opportunity to obtain glasses free vision. The present cutting edge technology of the best premium multifocal lenses now means that distance and reading vision with minimal need for glasses is entirely achievable in most patients especially with correction of astigmatism. 'Vision surgery' therefore requires the expertise of a surgeon that performs and offers vision correction surgery to achieve best possible vision.


Why should patients have private cataract surgery?

There are many advantages of private cataract surgery. There are minimal waiting times when opting for private surgery. Indeed, I usually offer surgery within days of consultation. This is especially useful for patients who need to continue to drive and are on the borderline for the driving standards.

Another advantage is that the surgery will be performed by an experienced consultant ophthalmic surgeon of your choice giving you the reassurance that your eyes will be in the very best hands. Whilst the risk would be the lowest possible, the expected outcome will be the best achievable for you and your individual needs.

Private cataract surgery also gives you far greater choice in terms of cutting edge surgical and lens technology. You can opt for a multifocal lens that can give you both near and distance vision without glasses. We also offer options to correct astigmatism including multifocal with toric correction as well as only toric lenses to achieve excellent distance correction. Although every option is not necessarily suitable for all patients, the most suitable option can be discussed.


How would you describe your cataract surgery outcomes?

I take pride in my surgical results. My postoperative data has consistently shown excellent outcomes, being well above national results including refractive outcomes, astigmatism correction, vision and very low complication rates indeed.


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