Outstanding care quality, facilities and nursing staff. Both the surgical consultant, Mr Davies and the anaesthetist, Dr Sam Shenoy were excellent. The operation to replace my hip was a very tolerable experience, especially given my anxiety about having a spinal block and sedation rather than a general anaesthetic. The treatment and care in general at Spire Harpenden Hospital met all of the high levels of patient care I have come to expect at the Spire.

Apart from the fact that the hip replacement itself went so well, I would like to point out how surprised I was at the simplicity of the spinal block and sedation approach to anaesthesia. The anaesthetist and his team made me feel very at ease and it went so well that I found it completely fine to be very aware of what was going on from approximately half way through the procedure as the anaesthetist reduced the level of sedation. This allowed me to recover with ease and also reduced the need for high levels of post operative pain relief which helped me immensely.

Mr Davies and his team have been first class throughout this process and, as long as I continue to recover at the pace I have been, I cannot imagine the whole thing having gone better. Thank you to the whole team at Spire Harpenden!