The treatment received was timely, professional and caring. At every level from the surgeon to nursing staff, I was made to feel like my best interests were at heart and were of concern to the people providing my treatment. My concerns and questions were listened to and addressed. I was given treatment and medication options and the options were well explained to me so I could make an informed choice.

Mr Corner was attentive and listened closely to the issues I had faced with my elbow until date as well as performing his own assessment of my elbow. He asked me clarifying questions and gave me time to provide supporting information and ask questions of my own. He went on to explain what the problem was with my elbow joint and the options that there were to treat it. He was clear about the procedure he would conduct, the level of pain that would be involved and the recovery period. Also he prompted discussion as to whether this was the right choice of treatment for me considering at the time I was pain free. He saw me after surgery to confirm everything had gone well and in follow up appointments talked me through what he had done during the surgery and the next steps for rehabilitation. He has worked closely with my physio to tailor a treatment plan and continues to do so.

Mr Corner was always confident and clear without being overbearing, which instills confidence as his patient. I would certainly recommend him to others requiring similar treatment. I have had issues with aesthetic before. The anaesthetist came to see my before surgery and we talked through what these issues were, why they possibly occurred and what he would do in the event I experienced the same reaction this time. This gave me confidence that they were fully informed of my previous medical history, were not dismissive of it and were ready to act should this happen again.

The nurses were exceptional. I saw them hourly throughout the night and they ensured that my pain levels were proactively managed rather than waiting for me to tell them I was in pain. This was key, I believe, as I am stubborn and would have waited until the pain levels were very high before disturbing someone for medication. They ensured I had the most comfortable night possible when I had not fully appreciated how much pain I was going to be in. The pharmacist came to see me about the medication I was going home with and helped provide additional medication to address side effects I have had from some of the medication before. Additionally I didn't feel I was kept in hospital longer than was necessary. An overall excellent experience in terms of treatment and care.