Through my distress and fear of hospitals, along with my distress and trauma for the reason I was in hospital. Every single staff member we met was exceptional in the care they gave to my husband and I.

I will be forever thankful to the staff at Spire for their compassion and for looking after me in the circumstances I found myself in. Mr Burrell and his team were amazing from start to finish, including all the nurses I had contact with. They gave me 100% amazing care and listened to all of my anxiety and fears and all looked after me to the best of their ability. Thank you to all of them.

Mr Burrell was brilliant. The head anaesthetist who came to my room ahead of the procedure, who listened to my deep fears and the way she looked after me (was also brilliant). And the night nurse on Ambrose Ward, called Mary, was outstanding and spent time listening to my emotional feelings. Thank you to them.