This year, I was diagnosed with bladder cancer. This month, it was necessary for a further procedure and the prospect has caused me great anxiety. My surgeon, Mr Adshead and his anaesthetist Ms Clark, listened to my concerns with understanding and patience. During the procedure, I was totally aware of what was happening to me, but Mr Adshead's extraordinary skills meant that I experienced no pain, not even discomfort, simply that the procedure was being carried out. On this occasion, I was given the all clear and I am deeply grateful to Mr Adshead and his colleagues. Prior to the procedure and after it, the nursing staff and their administration. Colleagues treated both my wife and I with warmth and courtesy. The room that we were given was spotlessly clean, we were treated with great consideration. I think I am extremely fortunate to have James Adshead taking care of me. Our initial meeting was informative and he patiently listened to my concerns and panic. I took some comfort from his reassurances and was grateful that he agreed to a small amount of sedation during the procedure. In the event his extraordinary abilities spoke even more eloquently than his attempts to reassure. For such wonderful technical skills I offer my grateful thanks. We are scheduled to have a rematch in May 2019 and I will try to be braver