Happy to be healthy again

As a registered nurse Jeanette Winrow, 54 from Wigan, was finding it increasingly difficult to get around due to her weight. So after hearing a horror story of a family member going abroad for weight loss surgery, she decided she needed to do something to give herself a healthier lifestyle so looked at what services were available locally rather than looking further afield.

Jeanette was struggling with multiple medical conditions due to her weight including pains in her joints, asthma, diabetes and high blood pressure. Jeanette says “I was less mobile, constantly being out of breath and moving around was very restrictive. I work in a care home and was finding it increasingly hard each day to do my job.”

Being able to choose where her operation took place was important to Jeanette who didn’t want to drive too far for follow up appointments. She looked on Fylde Coast Hospital's website and booked an appointment with Sue Webb, Bariatric Nurse who explained about a gastric sleeve and gave Jeanette time to read all the information before making a decision. 

Once Jeanette had decided to go ahead with the surgery an appointment with the consultant was made with Mr Decadt, Consultant General Surgeon.  “I met with the consultant in May 2019 and he was warm, friendly and easy to talk to and explained everything to me. He made me feel confident that my symptoms would reduce after the surgery.”

“I’m now back at work, feeling very well, I’m more energetic and glad I had this done.”

Looking back on the surgery now which took place on the 15 July, Jeanette says “Everyone was welcoming and gave me the confidence that I could do this. I was feeling very well after my surgery and was told I needed to mobilise, sip water and breathe. I felt well enough after a few hours and started to walk around to the amazement of the nursing team.” Three days after the surgery Jeanette was pain free and didn’t need any medication.

“I no longer need to take diabetic tablets now as my blood sugars are within the normal range." Jeanette has also been informed that her risks of stroke are now reduced, which was a concern to her with it being in her family.

Following Jeanette’s operation she was back at work within three weeks. “I’m now back at work, feeling very well, I’m more energetic and glad I had this done.”

Having the support from the Dietician and GP made all the difference to Jeanette who would recommend a gastric sleeve to anyone who wanted to lose weight and get their life back on track.