I am a 55 year old male, not overweight and have led a reasonable active lifestyle.

In June 2015 I attended Spire Clare Park Hospital for the replacement of my left hip following a consultation with Seb Sturridge. Having had my other hip replaced 5 years ago I was expecting a degree of pain and certainly inconvenience but this was little to pay for the discomfort I was experiencing at the time.

The people that looked after me, in addition to the nursing staff at Clare Park Hospital included Seb Sturridge and the Frimley Anaesthetics team. On the morning of the surgery the anaesthetist and Seb Sturridge both came to see me to dispel any pre-op nerves and have a general chat. I mentioned the last time I had this done I was totally sedated but both assured me I’d know little or nothing of the procedure.

Seb Sturridge practices an enhanced recovery process in which the patient is encouraged to become active as soon as possible afterwards (within reason of course).

I can only reflect on what an amazing experience this was! The care team were brilliant, the anaesthetist a real character and Seb Sturridge did an unbelievably fantastic job on me! I find it hard to believe I went through months of pain and had such an easy time of being repaired. My work is mostly office based but I still believe that had I been self-employed, I would have been back at my desk within two weeks.

If you’re reading this and suffering distinct discomfort, I can assure you the repair is nothing to have ANY anxieties about! Heartfelt thanks to Seb Sturridge and all at Spire Clare Park Hospital, as they probably don’t appreciate the true value they add to an individual’s existence.