Spire Nursing Apprenticeship programme

We offer fully-funded nursing apprenticeships at our England based hospitals, where participants can get their Nursing Degree, while gaining valuable working experience and earning a full-time salary.

Applications for the 2022 Spire Healthcare and Sunderland University Nurse Apprentice Programme are now closed and we are in the process of contacting those that have registered an interest. Please return to this page for updates on future programmes and how to register.

Why choose a Spire Nursing Apprenticeship programme?

Spire Healthcare is one of the biggest private Healthcare Providers in the UK; with 39 hospitals in our group, we offer a range of services to both privately insured, self-pay and NHS patients. We are extremely proud of the progress we have made over recent years as we deliver our Purpose – Making a positive difference to our patients’ lives through outstanding personalised care. Our passion for providing high quality, safe care is integral to everything we do and is reflected in our excellent CQC ratings across England, with 94% of our hospitals having achieved Good or Outstanding.

Supported by Health Education England, Spire Healthcare and The University of Sunderland have designed an exciting  Registered Nurse Degree Apprenticeship programme. Our Registered Nursing Degree Apprenticeship programme offers a great opportunity to gain practical work experience while working alongside experienced clinicians in our friendly hospitals, to build clinical skills and expertise.

Apprentices are fully supported professionally and academically to achieve the Nursing Degree, alongside earning a competitive salary, complimented with an excellent benefits package that you would expect from a leading employer.

Our Registered Nurse Degree Apprentices are part of the Spire family, meaning they work within a supportive and collaborative team and a professional, caring and values-driven organisation where flair and ambition can flourish. Here at Spire, career goals and aspirations can become reality. And as a part of our learning community, you'll continually learn and develop – building  skills and confidence along the way.

Be inspired to learn, earn and build an exceptional and fulfilling future with Spire Healthcare.

Nursing Apprenticeship testimonials

Hear from our latest nurse apprentices on how Spire Healthcare has helped them on their journey to becoming a nurse.

View testimonial videos.

Nursing Apprenticeship testimonials

Hear from our latest nurse apprentices on how Spire Healthcare has helped them on their journey to becoming a nurse.

View testimonial videos.

What’s it like to be a nurse?

Hear what some of our nurses say about the role:

Simone Bedford, (Principal Lecturer, University of Sunderland)

‘I knew I wanted to be a Nurse from a very early age, but it ended up being a second career for me and I have never looked back. People say nursing is rewarding, but what does that actually mean? It means that you can make a difference to someone’s life, to make them comfortable, to help them get better, to offer sound advice (and) to be there in their time of need.’


Linda Jones (Specialist Clinical Services Director, Spire Healthcare)

'Florence Nightingale popularised the idea of nursing being a vocation. She argued that “vocational duties require Nurses to care for all aspects of patients, especially the messy, dirty, non-technical bits. Not to do so is not to care or be a good Nurse.”

In nursing you really do get to care for your patients when they are at their most vulnerable time in life, when they need a smile, a listening ear, reassurance that it is ok, and most importantly, a need to feel safe. Each day I feel so fortunate to be a part of an individual’s care. Gaining someone’s trust is one of the biggest privileges you will ever encounter.

I took a leap of faith approximately 22 years ago and moved into the caring profession at Spire Healthcare as I wanted a change in direction and just knew I had so much more to offer others. Having a young child while balancing days, nights and weekend shifts was no mean feat but the reward was more than worth it. During my career I have developed an enormous sense of being and belonging to a team which I respect. A team upon which I can depend. A team where we all have the same purpose, and a team where we can reflect and learn from critical events as well as celebrating success. This team is called Spire Healthcare!

I started at Spire Healthcare as a Healthcare Assistant and commenced my training while continuing to work bank shifts in the evening and weekends. I was fully mentored and supported by the trained staff who supported me though my Nursing Degree. Spire has continued to encourage every step of my career development. Some of the reasons I remain committed and loyal to Spire Healthcare is because we put patient safety first, staff are invested in and listened to and there is encouragement to develop and grow.

You get back what you put in... the return on your investment is plentiful so seize every opportunity that you can!'


Michele Millard (Regional Clinical Services Director, Spire Healthcare)

'What can you expect as a Nurse? You will work weekends, Christmas, New Year’s Eve and probably your birthday. There will be days when you aren’t sure which way is up, but also days when you go home knowing you have made a real difference to someone’s life. You will have the privilege of being with people at the toughest time of their life and you will support them through this. You will know how much that means to them and you will become a more rounded person because of that. You will realise that mostly when people are angry they are just scared and that sitting, listening and holding their hands will stop the fear. And the angry person will just vanish to become the person that just needs support.

You will be challenged and sometimes feel out of your depth, but you will always have your team. Your team will carry you on the days you can’t go on and you will carry them on their bad days. You will learn so much about yourself, and learn to do and be better. You will meet colleagues who will inspire you to be the very best Nurse you can be. You may have experiences that will make you cry, but I guarantee you will have more days when you laugh with your patients and colleagues.

I worked for the NHS for about eight years and became a ward sister before I joined the private sector. Spire have been great employers, giving me opportunities to grow and develop, challenging me to be a better Nurse and a better person. They have enabled me to help so many people in more ways than I ever imagined. The private sector offers a huge diversity of experience so can suit just about any person. If you have a passion for putting patients at the centre of what you do, they will help and encourage you to achieve this. Spire Healthcare will strive beside you to advance care, improve the patient's journey and develop yourself.

After 38 years of practice I still love my job, and go to work knowing that each day my work will make a difference to someone in a unique and personal way and for some people that help may change their life. Having that opportunity is priceless.