About the clinic

Sports injuries are common and will become more so as we are encouraged to participate in more and more physical activity. The sports injury service at Spire Yale Hospital and 
Spire Abergele Consulting Rooms enables us to carefully assess your injury with access to a range of tests including X-rays and MRI and bone scans. We can then offer appropriate specialist treatment within the hospital. 

Sports-type injuries can occur in active people of any age. In treating sports injuries at Spire Yale Hospital we use expertise gained through treating elite, high performance and professional athletes to benefit active patients of all ages including young adults, weekend warriors and more mature individuals returning to sport.

What injuries do we see and why do they happen?

At Spire Yale Hospital and Abergele Consulting Rooms we typically see over-use injuries, without any history of trauma, in endurance and low impact events such as running, cycling and rowing.

However, the most common injuries we see are in football and rugby.

This is simply because so many people are involved in playing football in this country. The majority of injuries are from twisting rather than from a direct blow. Contact sports, such as rugby, produce a different spectrum of injuries resulting from the impact itself. 

Diagnosis - tests and scans

At Spire Yale Hospital and Abergele Consulting Rooms we have found that the best way to achieve a clear diagnosis is to carefully assess the history of the injury and follow with a clinical examination of the injured part. 

This may be supplemented by special tests including X-rays, MRI and bone scans. However, as with many branches of medicine, the majority of diagnoses are made primarily by listening to a patient’s description of the problem, secondarily by a careful physical examination and only then looking at which special investigations may be useful. Scans rarely provide the whole story and can often cloud the issue when interpreted in isolation.

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