Treatment at a time of his own choosing caused minimum disruption to his active lifestyle.

A life spent on the sports field, and in active pursuits, keeps you fit and healthy but it can also take its toll as the years roll by. That’s what Trevor Nicholls discovered when, after years of rugby and other sporting activity, his knees began to suffer.

Now 66, Trevor had been living with discomfort in his knees for some time. Even when an arthroscopy confirmed the diagnosis of osteoarthritis, he was still able to get on with life, continuing with his work and enjoying regular rounds of golf. However, when discomfort turned into pain and the pain then worsened, it eventually became debilitating.

“Mobility is very important to me as I lead an active life,” says Trevor. “When it became so painful that I was only able to walk 200 yards I knew I had to do something about it. I considered my options and it became clear that a knee replacement would be the solution.”

One of Trevor’s concerns was the disruption that the operation would cause, not only to his work, but also to his social and active life. “I just didn’t know how I would fit it in, so I kept putting it off,” he says. “The most important thing therefore was that the procedure could be done at a time of my own choosing.”

That’s why Spire Fylde Coast was the ideal choice, and because Trevor lives in Lytham, its location was perfect too. When he received a recommendation for one of the hospital’s consultants, Mr Amit Shah, he bit the bullet and made an appointment.

“Even though I was already familiar with the hospital, that initial consultation was very reassuring,” says Trevor.

“The consultant was professional, of course, but we also got on well together and he really put me at ease.”

About a month later, on a date agreed by himself, Trevor was admitted. Before the operation, he saw the surgeon and the anaesthetist who both explained clearly what was going to happen and what he could expect afterwards.

“And it all unfolded exactly as they said it would,” he says. “The day after the procedure I was up on my feet and two days later I was able to go home. I was back at work after four weeks and, thankfully, back on the golf course after eight!”

Commenting on Trevor’s case, consultant Amit Shah says: “As a surgeon, it feels great to get someone like Mr Nicholls back on his feet. His enhanced recovery was certainly helped by the motivation he showed to stop using his sticks in the first week. It’s been a pleasure looking after him.”

Asked how he feels about going through it all again with his right knee, Trevor says: “When, or if, the time comes, I will not hesitate to go back to Spire Fylde Coast.”