I just wanted to take a moment to provide some feedback on my recent Bupa Health Assessment, conducted at Fylde Coast Hospital, with Gail Bowley and Dr Manish Rout.

The journey to the health assessment was fine, the hospital was easy to find and the directions in the various mailings from Bupa were comprehensive and accurate. I did initially have a problem parking and ended up having to find a spot in the staff parking area. The reception was warm, bright and, together with the reception staff, welcoming.

I was directed to waiting room two and just moments later Gail received me with a welcoming smile that put me at ease. I started to form a first impression that this was a very professional outfit.

I soon realised that Gail Bowley was quite simply an outstanding nurse, one of a kind I’m sure and, at the risk of being melodramatic, the best nurse I have ever had the pleasure to meet. She exemplified kindness and caring. Whilst she ably conducted what I’m sure was a well-trodden procedure she did so with humility, always keen to hear me out without a moment of that ‘faux listening’ obvious in others when time is short or the task procedural in nature. I felt as if I was the most important person in the world to her at that moment and, whilst the tasks were completed efficiently, it felt like we could have been close friends chatting warmly all day. Her conduct during the assessment was professional whilst at the same time empathic, funny and supportive. She discussed the results clearly and non-judgmentally, bringing in her obviously vast experience where appropriate. I felt supported, informed, empowered. She even made the occasional supportive touches, which I usually recoil at, seem like the most natural thing in the world.

Gail Bowley, in my opinion, is a truly exceptional and gifted nurse with a flair for empathy and kindness and your operation would only improve by using her as a blueprint for others.

I was then offered a cup of coffee which arrived on a tray just for me; I felt like I was in a five star hotel! I thought to myself, “Really, could this experience possibly get any better?”. Indeed it did…

Dr Manish Rout has a gift for putting the patient at ease and building rapport quickly and unobtrusively; I felt like I could talk about anything and everything within minutes of meeting him. He exuded an air of professionalism, obvious talent and knowledge without becoming overbearing, imparting his knowledge and experience without sounding in the slightest bit condescending or judgmental (which stands him apart from most other doctors I have experienced). He has a common idiosyncrasy that he occasionally finished off my sentences and, whilst this can sometimes be infuriating, in his case he was invariably correct! For me, this meant that he was listening intently and was able to empathise with my concerns. In a similar vein to Gail, it felt like I was the most important person in the world to him at that time. When explaining concepts or the points he was making he drew pictures, which really helped me to understand and when I suggested potential causes he responded supportively, saying ‘I think you are right’ instead of something like ‘That’s correct’, like he was marking an exam question. I found him to be supportive, empathic, and encouraging. He is a great example of how Doctor’s should be everywhere and a prodigious asset to your business.

I started my day on Wed 25 Jan 2017 feeling anxious and dreading the health assessment because I knew it would reveal the true (and dire) state of my current health, and, whilst the assessment was jaw-droppingly frank and predicted that I wouldn’t make it out of the car park alive (I jest, of course!), I actually left feeling happier than when I arrived; all credit to Gail Bowley and Dr Manish Rout.

I’m sure there will be a survey of some description (as is the norm these days) but I felt my experience yesterday, and the outstanding contributions Gail Bowley and Dr Manish Rout made to it, warranted some unsolicited feedback.

Please feel free to pass this feedback onto them.


David Adams.