Jane Beckinsale & Caroline McGill

Expert Clinicians
Speech & Language Therapists

The Speech and Language Therapist is part of the support team for those undergoing radiotherapy to the head and neck area. Their role is to advise you about possible changes to swallowing and/or communication that you may encounter through treatment, and to help you manage these if they occur. Depending on your specific needs, they will also advise how you can look after your swallowing, speech and voice during radiotherapy, to support optimal recovery of eating, drinking and communication afterwards. Your Speech and Language Therapist will work closely with the Dietitian throughout your treatment and into the recovery period.

Jane Beckinsale and Caroline McGill are specialist Speech and Language Therapists with extensive experience in working with people undergoing radiotherapy to the head and neck area. They work at Spire Specialist Care Centre and University Hospitals Bristol NHS Trust.

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