Getting referred to Spire

Spire International can provide private UK medical treatment for non-UK patients who are referred/sponsored by any of the following:

  • Country embassies / health office / military office / sports teams
  • Patients can also refer themselves to Spire International on a self-funding basis
  • Private corporate companies and companies specialising in repatriation to the UK
  • Consultancy companies handling  international medical care

Referral process

  • Patient referral information is sent by email, fax or post to the chosen Spire Hospital or directly to Spire International by email (, or fax (+ 44 113 2681340)
  • The patient’s medical information needs to come from the patient’s physician and include the physician’s contact details (phone, email and fax)
  • Referral information is then assigned to appropriate specialist consultant(s) for their review
    Initial medical opinion on whether the patient can travel to the UK is provided
  • Cost estimate of treatment can be provided
  • Spire confirm an appointment with a consultant specialist within 48 hours where possible
  • Original referrer/sponsor provides letter of guarantee and confirm financia authorisation to cover payment
  • Patient travels to the UK and has first consultation with specialist at a Spire hospital or facility
  • A full medical report is produced by the consultant(s) and provided to the patient and/or referrer
  • Further treatment or surgery is then agreed between the referrer/sponsor, Spire and with the consultant
  • Treatment is undertaken and full medical  reports produced
  • Invoicing and payment undertaken, if not already provided in advance

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Information for referrers and sponsors - each step of the way

Clear and easy communications with Spire 
Once the referrer/sponsor has provided full medical information, Spire will confirm if a consultant appointment can be provided within 48 hours. Patients are responsible for obtaining visas if required.

Clear prices, clear quotations
Spire provides a pricelist for common surgical and medical procedures and pathways. Spire also provides individual quotations for any services or surgeries that are not included on our price list.

Compliance with the referrer’s/sponsor’s authorisation processes
We will provide the referrer/sponsor with medical reports each step of the way and provide an easy contact for referrers/sponsors if they wish to speak to the Spire administration team or specialist consultants.

Clear invoicing
Spire will provide an invoice with a clear breakdown of the services provided, including dates of treatment or visits.

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