Top five effective ways to lose weight

25 April 2013

If you’re looking to lose weight, chances are you've received a lot of advice from friends and family, each of them offering the ‘best’ tricks and tips. Unfortunately, weight loss is different for everyone - what works for someone may not necessarily work for you. It’s hard to know where to turn for answers, but there are some proven techniques out there you can rely on for results. You just have to know where to look.

So if you want to see that number on the scale drop, try some of the most effective dieting methods, recommended by healthcare professionals the world over.

Make breakfast a priority

Many people skip breakfast to cut their daily caloric intake, but the first meal of the day is also the most important. Plus, skipping breakfast means you’re more likely to snack throughout the day, especially on unhealthy junk food. Studies show that people who eat breakfast have lower BMIs than those who skip the meal altogether - breakfast-noshers also perform better academically and professionally. To reap brekker’s benefits, get a healthy dose of whole-grains and protein, like wholemeal toast and a fried egg. Try to avoid processed meats like sausage and bacon, as they could cause cardiovascular problems.

Watch what you drink

The NHS launched a campaign last year to promote awareness of alcohol consumption, and with good reason. Most Brits don’t realise what constitutes a normal daily intake, and what could put them over the limit - both in terms of sobriety and calorie consumption. Liquid calories add up quickly, whether they’re digested in the form of alcoholic beverages or fruit juice, which are often overloaded with sugar. Be aware of what, and how much, you’re drinking, otherwise you risk blowing your diet.

Avoid late night snacking

Try and establish a cut-off point for eating, so you won’t snack mindlessly as you watch your favourite evening programmes. Instead, drink some water or have a cup of tea - they’ll have a filling effect and make you feel satiated. Brush your teeth following dessert to register that meal-time is over, and keep yourself from being tempted to revisit the kitchen. After all, most foods don’t taste very appetising after brushing your teeth with minty toothpaste.

Commit to health foods

Control your environment to prohibit unhealthy snacking. That means stocking your kitchen full of fresh fruits and veg, instead of crisps and cakes. Similarly, when you’re heading off to work, bring an apple or banana along, instead of chocolate-covered pretzels. Not only will high-volume, low-calorie produce keep your diet in check, it will also give your brain a boost, unlike junk food which can make you feel groggy and tired.

Replace white bread with whole grains

Get in the habit of opting for wholemeal bagels, cereals and sliced loaves instead of white bread, which has had all its nutritional value removed through the refining process. If you have to indulge in a biscuit, opt for ones made with wholemeal flour or oats. Whole grains make you feel fuller and allow for slow energy release, rather than a temporary sugar high and a crash later.

Try these dieting methods to manage your daily calorie intake. If you stick with them and reduce your consumption up to 250 calories per day, you could lose a pound every fortnight. That means by this time next year, you could be 25 lbs lighter. Pair these dieting guidelines with daily exercise and you’ll notice significant results in half the time.

Posted by Edward Bartel

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