Pets make for a healthy heart, says AHA

13 May 2013

Having a pet may cut owners’ risk for heart disease, according to new healthcare research. For those who already suffer from a cardiovascular condition, the companionship of an animal may increase chances of survival.

The recent study, conducted by the American Heart Association (AHA), carefully analysed similar research from around the world. From global studies, the AHA panel determined that having a pet - a dog, especially - correlates with reduced heart disease risk, lower stress and cholesterol levels, as well recommended exercise levels. The study also suggested that pet ownership has psychological benefits, as well.

Although the AHA study did reveal a link between pet ownership and lowered risk for heart conditions, it may be more of a correlation than causation. Researchers think having a pet, and the responsibility that comes along with it, encourages owners to get active. Daily walks and playtime not only benefit pets’ health, they also help owners relieve stress and anxiety.

If you’re concerned about your risk for cardiovascular disease, don’t rely on a pet to fix the problem. Go to a Spire hospital, where a professional will assess your risk through one-off blood tests.

Posted by Edward Bartel

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