Cardiac Care at Spire Healthcare

Heart problems can affect anyone at almost any age. So if you think you don’t feel as fit as you used to, have had heart problems in your family, or are just thinking about the health of your heart, then we can help.

Spire Healthcare offers a dedicated cardiac service, for all your heart’s needs

The heart is a complex organ and as a result there are a number of areas where your heart that can be damaged.

Coronary heart disease is caused by the build up of fatty deposits in the arteries of the heart. This means the heart has to work harder to pump blood through your body.

Angina is often caused by coronary heart disease, where the arteries are narrower than they should be. It may result in pain in the chest, but it can also radiate down the arm or across the shoulder blades, neck and even the stomach.

Heart valve problems occur when one of the heart’s four valves does not open and close as it should causing blood flow to be disturbed. Heart valves regulate the blood flow through the heart. A healthy heart valve opens and closes quickly to ensure blood flows in the right direction.

Cardiac arrhythmia describes an abnormal rate or rhythm of the heart.

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High quality, comprehensive cardiac care

We offer a range of tests and scans, procedures and heart operations performed by our cardiac nurses and technicians, consultant cardiologists and cardiac surgeons.


Our experienced cardiac teams will ensure your visit to us is as convenient and comfortable as possible. We will provide advice and support at every stage and will explain what heart tests we are going to do, how long they will take and what you can expect.


We offer appointments at times to suit you, with early and late appointment times available. We’re open to everyone. If you don’t have insurance we offer one-off private treatment, often with a fixed price* agreed in advance.


We understand how important it is to report your results quickly and efficiently. If you have been referred to the cardiac service by your GP a consultant cardiologist will analyse your test results and send them to your GP within 48 hours of your appointment.
If you’ve been referred to the cardiac service by a consultant, they will discuss your results at your next appointment.

* Terms and conditions apply.

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