Gastric Balloon (Obalon)

If you struggle with your weight and would like to lose up to 8kg then Obalon may be for you…

Obalon is a brand new weight loss treatment in the UK. This innovative treatment, which is available to those with a BMI of 27 or greater, is discreet and non-invasive and can be administered quickly and painlessly in as little as 30 minutes.

Obalon is the first swallowable gastric balloon, which once in the stomach is inflated to the size of an apple. The Obalon balloon works by making you feel fuller faster, and by following a healthy, balanced diet at the same time,  assists you in achieving the best possible weight loss results.

How is Obalon different to other weight loss procedures?
Obalon is a  customisable weight loss system, that can be tailored to meet the individual needs of patients, with up to three Obalon balloons being able to be in the stomach at one time for maximum weight reduction.

While everybody loses weight at slightly different rates, most people find that two balloons give them the best result. Your consultant will discuss this with you, and should you need fewer or indeed more balloons to optimise your weight loss, this will be discussed with you.

Once Obalon has been swallowed and has been inflated in your stomach, your brain will be sent signals that create the sensation of feeling full, faster, so reducing your food intake. Unlike older-design balloon systems, Obalon requires no anaesthetic to place - it is simply swallowed in the form of a small capsule attached to a micro-catheter. This makes the treatment easy and safe for patients and can be done as an outpatient appointment.

After the first capsule is swallowed it is left in the stomach for 30 days, after which a second balloon is swallowed if needed, a further third balloon can be swallowed after a further 30 days.  After a total of 12 weeks all balloons are removed via a short endoscopy (a telescope procedure), taking a few minutes and using light sedation if needed to remove it.

Obalon can give you a real boost to your weight loss attempt, but in order to see long lasting results, you must continue with the changes you have made to your lifestyle and dietary habits to maintain your weight loss.

You will be assessed and supported by our experienced consultant weight loss surgeons so you can be confident that you will receive expert and comprehensive advice on whether Obalon is the best weight loss option for you. If another procedure would suit your needs better, or be safer or more effective for you, we will discuss this fully with you.

What are the results?
A European trial[1] showed an average weight loss of 8kg (1 stone 3lbs) which represented 50% of excess weight.

Are there any complications?
Complications with Obalon are extremely rare. The largest study so far has been undertaken by Obalon in Europe and has shown no significant complications[2].

What happens during the Obalon Weight Loss Treatment?

Obalon Weight Loss Treatment is quick and simple:

  1. You will have an initial consultation at your choice of Spire Hospital during which you will be asked to swallow a placebo capsule.
  2. If Obalon is thought to be the best treatment for you, you will return for your placement which involves swallowing the capsule that contains the balloon which is then inflated within your stomach via a micro-catheter which is removed via your mouth. 
  3. After 30 days you will usually return for a second placement.
  4. Further placements are possible if required.
  5. You keep the balloon(s) in your stomach for 12 weeks.
  6. At the end of the 12 weeks, the balloon(s) is removed via a short endoscopy.

Is this procedure available on the NHS?

No, Obalon treatment is only available privately.  

Obalon Weight Loss Treatment at Spire
Obalon is available exclusively with Spire Healthcare outside of Central London. Our local hospitals offer you the comfort of being near home, with free parking and fixed prices. With Spire Healthcare you will be treated by an experienced consultant at a time that suits you. You will be treated in a premium private hospital, not a clinic, and you can be assured of our commitment to healthcare standards and infection control excellence.

The number of balloons required is individual to your care and can range from one to three. The average number of balloons used is two.

For further information, or to book an appointment please call us and we will be happy to help on 0845 261 3694 


[1] LMR Study conducted at 11 sites in 4 countries August 2012 – December 2012
[2] Data collected and reported on the first commercial product uses at eleven centres throughout four European countries. Total sample size 119 patients.

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