Breast surgery testimonials

We are proud that so many of our patients that have had cosmetic surgery for their breasts have had such great experiences with us that they want to share their experiences.


Below you can click through and read full testimonials from people that have had breast surgery with Spire Cosmetic Surgery, including procedures such as:




Emma had breast enlargement surgery.

"I feel really happy with my decision. My clothes fit better, and now I can happily wear a bikini!"

Read Emma's story


Claire had breast enlargement surgery.

"I’m really pleased I’ve had it done – I can fill a bikini properly now and wear clothes I wouldn’t have worn before."

Read Claire's story

Claire after her breast enlargement with Spire Cosmetic Surgery


Angela had both a breast reduction and uplift, and tummy tuck surgery.

"Give yourself something back - over the years I had always put the family first, but now felt it was time to do something for me!"

Read Angela's story


Kate had breast enlargement surgery.

"I have never been able to confidently wear a bikini before - I can’t wait to show off my new figure!"

Read Kate's story


Caly had breast enlargement surgery.

"Everything was absolutely brilliant! I feel my whole appearance is improved."

Read Caly's story


Jenni had breast enlargement surgery and liposuction to her thighs and buttocks.

"I just feel more confident, especially when it comes to wearing certain clothes such as swimwear and eveningwear."

Read Jenni's story


Tara had breast enlargement surgery.

"I had no problem in choosing where I would go as I’d heard such good things about Spire and was really impressed with the results I’d seen from friends and colleagues."

Read Tara's story


Ashley had breast enlargement surgery.

"I feel a lot more confident about myself now. I’m actually a bit overwhelmed by how natural and good my breasts look."

Read Ashley's story


A patient had to have her PIP breast implants removed and replaced.

"It was a great relief that the removal and replacement of my breast implants was paid for by the hospital... the hospital staff and processes were superb."

Read her story.

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