Jane Barnsley

Theatre careers
Jane Barnsley talks about being a Senior Sister and Bariatric Lead in Theatres at Spire Regency Hospital

"I feel more appreciated here and closer to my colleagues"

“As Senior Sister my role is to ensure the smooth running of the theatre list. I am involved in the training of staff and ensuring surgeons and staff are satisfied in their jobs, as well as liaising with multi-disciplinary teams. I act as the Surgical Assistant, and In the 5 years I've worked at Spire Regency Hospital I have diversified my skills and gained more responsibility. I have been able to develop my skills in bariatrics so much that I have been made the Bariatric Lead for the hospital.

The main difference between working here and my previous role in the NHS is that here it is smaller and more intimate. I feel more appreciated here and closer to my colleagues.  The culture in the team is friendly and team spirited, and most importantly, fun!"