Oncology & Haematology Suite

The newly opened Oncology & Haematology Suite at Spire South Bank Hospital provides access to leading cancer doctors, the latest technologies and a dedicated specialist team to offer high quality care to people diagnosed with cancer.

This enables fast access to the cancer treatment required in a caring and comfortable environment; from the moment of diagnosis, throughout treatment and aftercare.

The team

The team of surgeons, oncologists, haematologists, specialist oncology and haematology nurses, and pharmacists work together to deliver personalised programmes of treatment and care for a wide range of cancers. The overriding aim is to provide patients with the highest standard of treatment, expert information and personal support through each stage of their treatment, whilst ensuring they feel safe, confident and reassured at all times.

Ongoing support is available when the patient leaves the hospital and contact numbers are provided for obtaining further advice. The team also has links to the Macmillan Support Centre at Worcestershire Royal Hospital for auxiliary services and supportive treatments.

How is treatment accessed?

If any untoward symptoms are experienced, a GP should be contacted immediately. Symptoms may include (please note this list is not exhaustive): unexplained significant weight loss (5kg/10lb over eight weeks), a lump anywhere on the body, changes in bowel habit that lasts for more than six weeks, or a cough or hoarseness that lasts for more than three weeks.

If considered necessary, your GP will refer you for further investigations which may include physical examinations, blood tests, scans or biopsies. If cancer is diagnosed an immediate referral will be made to an oncologist or haematologist who will recommend the most appropriate course of treatment.

Treatment programmes

Care in the Oncology & Haematology Suite begins the moment the patient meets with one of the specialist chemotherapy nurses. The nurse will discuss what is involved with the prescribed treatment, how to manage any side effects and provide written information packs regarding the specific chemotherapy regime.

If there are any queries or concerns whilst at home, patients can use the contact numbers that are provided. These numbers provide patients with 24-hour contact to medical and nursing staff that are skilled and knowledgeable in the management of patients receiving chemotherapy.


The Oncology & Haematology Suite consists of two, state-of-the-art treatment rooms specially designed to create a light, spacious and comfortable atmosphere. Our aim is to provide the highest quality of individual care in a relaxing and comfortable environment. Our facilities include:

  • up-to-date technology and equipment
  • in-house pharmacy service
  • on-site specialist imaging facilities, including MRI & CT scanning; X-ray; ultrasound; and mammography
  • scalp cooling service
  • iPads in each pod to browse the internet during treatment

The Suite has an adjacent consulting room for regular appointments with your dedicated oncologist and has easy access to the Imaging Centre on the ground floor where you can have any diagnostic scans that are required.

Scalp cooling

Hair loss, or alopecia, is a known side effect of some chemotherapy drugs. Scalp cooling can be used in certain circumstances to prevent or ease hair loss during treatment. It involves the use of a refrigerated scalp cooling system which is applied to the head during chemotherapy and works by reducing the amount of blood flow to the scalp, thus decreasing the quantity of the chemotherapy that reaches the hair follicles, cutting down or preventing hair loss.

Supporting services

Through established links with the Worcester Macmillan Cancer Information and Support Centre a wide range of supportive options are available to patients. For more information, please visit the Macmillan Cancer Information and Support Centre’s website.

Read about "Live Your Life After Cancer" workshop held on Saturday 14th May, 2016. This workshop was for people who have finished their primary cancer treatment and were looking for practical ways to move forward again.

Treatment funding

Most medical insurance providers will cover the cost of chemotherapy. Patients are advised to contact their insurer before commencing treatment.

For patients without private medical insurance, Spire Self-Pay provides a fixed price for your treatment in advance, should you wish to self-fund your treatment.

For more information on Spire Self-Pay, please contact the specialist advisors on 01905 362 252.

Contact us


For further advice about the Oncology & Haematology Suite and the services available please contact:

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