Signature™ Personalised Knee Replacement At Spire Cheshire Hospital

Mr Nikhil Pradhan, Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon at Spire Cheshire Hospital performs a patient specific total knee replacement.

'Signature Knee' provides more of a custom fit, specifically for you

The Signature™ Knee system uses scans of the knee, which when analysed create a 3D image of the patient’s actual knee. With this information the surgeon can carefully pre-plan the surgery and tailor made instruments (alignment guides)
(figs. 1 & 2) for each individual patient are produced.

Mr Pradhan states “The Signature technology and custom made alignment guides allow me, the surgeon to accurately recreate the patient’s original limb alignment providing a knee replacement which replicates the patient’s unique anatomy”. By recreating the patient’s individual anatomy the surgeon can provide the optimal post operative result.  

Traditional Total knee replacement may use instruments placed inside the thigh or shin bone to assist with alignment and positioning. The Signature alignment guides are placed not within the bone canals but directly on the outside of the bone, potentially allowing a less invasive procedure.

Patients may therefore benefit from reduced blood loss and complications such as fat embolisms minimising their stay in hospital and increasing their rate of recovery.

For more information contact Spire Cheshire Hospital today on 01925 215 029
For patients that may be travelling to the hospital from out of the area we have arranged for a 'special rate' to be given at the nearby hotels. For more information please see funding private treatment.

A patients experience of the new 'Signature™ Knee replacement surgery'

John Ashby is a 63-year-old active man, who suffered sharp pain in his left knee during several of his walks last September, the enjoyment of his social activities was quickly replaced by severe discomfort that worsened to the point that he couldn’t walk without pain.

Click here to read about Mr Ashby's experience at Spire Cheshire Hospital or click here to read about Mr Ashby in the Warrington Guardian

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Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon, Mr Nikhil Pradhan

Click here to visit the profile page of Mr Nikhil Pradhan

Listen to the BBC Radio interview with Nikhil Pradhan

Click here to play Mr Pradhan's BBC Radio interview

Signature™ alignment guides

Signature Knee Replacement at Spire Cheshire Hospital

Fig 1.
Femoral alignment guide
Fig 2.
Tibial alignment guide

Guides are placed on the femur and tibia, the new knee is then positioned to your anatomy. 

A General Practitioner's view on Signature™ Knee replacement surgery

A GP recently watched Mr Pradhan perform a signature™ knee replacement operation on one of his patients. He was extremely impressed with the procedure and he has kindly agreed to share his experience with us.

Click here to read about  'Signature™ knee replacement surgery' from a GP's perspective

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