New laparoscopic hysterectomy offered at Spire Cardiff Hospital

At Spire Cardiff Hospital we are offering a laparoscopic subtotal hysterectomy procedure, which until now has been rarely available in Wales.

The operation uses ‘keyhole surgery’, where a fine telescope called a laparoscope is inserted into the abdomen through a very small cut near the navel. The surgeon then uses the laparoscope to get a close-up view. Two or three further small incisions are then made in the abdomen, and fine tubes are inserted into them, providing narrow channels for other surgical instruments. The uterus is then removed through one of the tubes, leaving the vagina undisturbed. Recovery is generally a 24 hour stay in hospital, compared to a stay of up to five days with a traditional hysterectomy operation and women can expect to return to work within two to three weeks. This improved recovery time is due to the minimal invasive nature of the procedure, and there is also less scarring.

Mr Sanjay Chawathe, who was one of the first few surgeons to perform the laparoscopic subtotal hysterectomy in Wales, and will be available to carry out this procedure at Spire Cardiff Hospital.

The price of a laparoscopic hysterectomy procedure starts at around £5,900, but please contact us regarding more specific pricing.

Mandy Morgan (45) from Treharris, near Merthyr Tydfil was the first patient in Wales to have the laparoscopic hysterectomy procedure, just over a year ago.

Mandy, who is a full-time carer for her young grandson, suffered with painful and heavy periods for years, which caused her to develop a serious iron deficiency.

Despite being given iron infusions by her doctor, Mandy was still having a period every two weeks, which left her feeling incredibly tired.

Mandy said: “I was exhausted all the time, just too tired to do anything at all, it was dreadful. “After trying the iron infusions, I was told a full hysterectomy was the only available option left.

“I was referred to Mr Chawathe to talk about the operation, and he told me about the new laparoscopic hysterectomy. He explained that if I chose that option, I would be a pioneering patient and the first in Wales to have the procedure.

“I wasn’t concerned about being the first to have the operation, because I realised that someone had to be, and I was pleased to be getting a new, improved treatment that would hopefully solve my health problems.

“The operation was marvellous – I was in hospital for just two days, and had only six dissolvable stitches. When I woke up, it was as if I hadn’t had anything done. I’ve spoken to friends who have had the traditional hysterectomy operation, and their recovery time was much longer.

One year on, and Mandy is now running around after her grandson again. She said: “I can honestly say it’s been life-changing. My quality of life has improved so much for the sake of such a simple and straightforward operation. I’d recommend any woman who is facing a hysterectomy to find out more about this new procedure.”

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Mandy and her grandson Ethan after her operation that changed her quality of life.

Image provided with permission of Media Wales. 

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