Major Investment at Spire Bushey Hospital

November 2009

A major £7 million investment programme is currently under way at Spire Bushey Hospital. This investment will result in not only improved services but also in increased capacity and new permanent jobs.

We are delighted to announce the following key developments here at the hospital:

  • New CT scanner
  • 5th operating theatre
  • X-ray waiting room and equipment
  • New pathology laboratory
  • New minor treatment facility
  • Bushey Ophthalmic Centre

We are also pleased to offer the following new services and treatments:

Key Developments

  • New CT scanner
    We are replacing our mobile CT scanner with a state of the art 128 dual source scanner. This will be located within the hospital as a permanent addition to our services. The machine we are buying is the very latest; it is the first in this country in the private sector. As with our recent digital mammography unit, this new scanner uses less radiation whilst producing superior results. It is a new generation of Dual Source CT that requires only a fraction of the radiation dose usually required to scan even the tiniest anatomical details at a faster rate than ever before. This enables complete scans of the entire chest region, for example, in just 0.6 seconds, eliminating the need for lengthy breath holds, and improving the image quality of moving structures.
  • 5th Operating Theatre
    In another major upgrade to our facilities we are opening a fifth theatre in early 2010. This operating theatre is built to the latest specifications, including a special clean air flow system to avoid infection, and laser capabilities. The hospital is very busy and this new theatre facility will ensure patients continue to be treated quickly at a time convenient to them. It amounts to a major investment in the local area, creating permanent jobs and a real asset for the local community.
  • X-ray waiting room and equipment
    We are not only remodelling our X-ray waiting areas but we are also upgrading our equipment with a new Siemens X-ray unit. This will enhance the comfort of our patients.
  • New Pathology Lab
    We have moved our pathology services to a brand new state of the art laboratory facility less than a mile from the hospital, while retaining a ”hot lab” for urgent results in the hospital.
  • New Minor Treatment Facility located in the out-patient department
    As the way we deliver care for our patients changes, this addition to our out-patient service means that some patients can be treated in an out-patient environment rather than having to be admitted to the hospital as in-patients.
  • Bushey Ophthalmic Suite
    A recent addition to our Outpatient Department is the Bushey Ophthalmic Suite. This unit brings together our eye services into a dedicated unit providing, what our consultants say, is the most highly equipped private eye service in the region.

New Services and Treatments

  • Green light laser
    We are delighted to offer green light laser technology for the treatment of prostate conditions. This is a minimally invasive procedure offering impressive results. As men age, the prostate enlarges and can cause difficulty in passing urine.  Green Light Laser is a surgical technique used to treat an enlarged prostate.
    Reported benefits include restoration of natural urine flow with a rapid relief of urinary symptoms and a long-lasting sustained improvement. Other benefits include a quick and comfortable recovery with a virtually bloodless procedure, with the preservation of sexual function and no need for a catheter in many cases. Barry Maraj is our lead consultant on this treatment.
  • Stroke Prevention Service
    At Spire Bushey Hospital we have developed a new Stroke Service based on stroke prevention i.e. preventing new or further strokes. Our stroke service brings together different medical and surgical experts including a consultant neurologist, consultant cardiologist, consultant vascular surgeon and consultant neuro-radiologist who have specific experience in stroke assessment and management. Patients are initially assessed by a consultant neurologist and where appropriate are assessed by a consultant cardiologist and or consultant vascular surgeon on the same day. All investigations are completed and reported on within a day so that a recommendation about management or treatment can be made. Our lead consultants are Dr James Rakshi, neurologist, and Mr David Greenstein, vascular surgeon.
  • Gastric Banding/ Weight loss surgery
    Spire Bushey Hospital offers weight loss surgery (also known as obesity surgery or bariatric surgery) in the form of gastric banding.
    The package of care includes all initial assessment and consultations with the team before surgery, together with full after care and support for at least 12 months following surgery. For further information please call 020 8901 5505.
  • New treatment for dry age-related macular degeneration
    Spire Bushey Hospital now offers a new treatment for 'dry' Age-related Macular Degeneration (AMD). This is the commonest cause of blindness in the developed world and unlike the 'wet' form of AMD has not previously been treatable.
    The treatment is a highly specialised lens implant called the intraocular microtelescope. Mr Simon Levy FRCS, Consultant Ophthalmologist, is one of only a small number of surgeons in the UK to perform this new procedure. For more information please call 020 8901 5505.

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