2014 presentations

Following our GP education events, presentations and other documents shown will be made available here for download.

Pain management - 20 November 2014

Neuropathic Pain
The management of back pain

Neurology and General Medicine - 5 November 2014

Why can't I walk doc?
Dizzy spells
The pain is in the brain
Falls in the elderly
Alcohol misuse and liver disease
Ankylosing spondylitis
Interpreting haematology results?

Psychiatry & Depression - 21 October 2014

Update on depression
How to improve brain function
and not go senile



Osteopath - 30 September 2014

Approaches to treating migraine
General update on Hernia


Ophthalmology - 18 September 2014

Dealing with the Watery Eye

Glaucoma Update
Macular Disorders

Musculoskeletal - 10 September 2014

Managing the Young Shoulder
Managing the Old Shoulder
Soft tissue swellings around the hand
Back pain -what to worry about and refer urgently
What to expect from bunion surgery
How to manage foot pain in sportsmen
Orthotics - what's the evidenceand is it a waste of money
Managing the middle aged athlete with knee pain
MIS, navigation patient specific knees. What are they and should we be worried?
Total knee replacement - Is there a surgical alternative for the arthritic knee that works?

Osteopaths & Physiotherapists - 1 July 2014

Everything you need to know about
the rotator cuff
Spinal surgery and post-op rehab  

Dermatology - 25 June 2014

Update on Psoriasis                                               

From the cradle to the grave - 19 June 2014

Problems in Pregnancy                                               
Infantile Colic – what is it?
Palpitations in the Young and Elderly Patient
Diabetes in Young People
Is Osteoarthritis merely due to ageing?
   Gynaecology in the Elderly
   Confusional States
   End of Life Care

Ophthalmology part 1 - 10 June 2014

New treatments for blepharitis and dry eye
Cataract Surgery with premium lenses
Ocular Emergencies


Obesity and General Surgery - 22 May 2014

TEMS for benign and malignant rectal tumours
Oesophageal and gastric cancer
Anal Pain
Varicose Veins - indications for surgery
Gallstones and biliary surgery
Colorectal cancer
Colorectal problems due to pelvic floor issues
Heartburn - was it what I ate?


ENT - 27 March 2014

Common Nasal Conditions
Balance Problems & Hearing Loss 
Voice change in an ageing population


Women's Health - 5 March 2014

Bladder diary

Recurrent cystitis
Urge incontinence
Diabetes in pregnancy
Thyroid disease in pregnancy
Early pregnancy problems
Heavy menstrual bleeding
Cervical cancer
Endometrial cancer
Vulval problems
Gynaecology problems in teenagers


Men's Health - 11 February 2014

Imaging in Urology
Conservative Management
Active Surgical Management
Neurological Bladder Problems
Bone Disease in Malignancy

Paediatric GP Masterclass - 29 April 2014

Paediatric ENT
Paediatric urology
Teenage gynaecology
Asthma in children
NICE paediatric gastroenteritis guidelines
Essentials in paediatric ophthalmology
Hip pain in children


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