Double eyelid surgery

In addition to the standard blepharoplasty procedure, Spire Bushey Hospital now offers double eyelid surgery which is performed by an accredited Consultant Plastic Surgeon who undertook specialist training in the Far East. A defined crease in the upper eyelid is created to alters its appearance, giving the impression of two parts to the eyelid - i.e. the part above and below the crease - and therefore eyelids with creases are termed as 'double eyelids' and those without creases as 'single eyelids'. 

Why double eyelid surgery?

Usually patients seeking surgery to create an upper eyelid crease do so because it is absent or it is poorly defined. Quite often the eyelashes are hidden under the eyelid and surgery improves visibility of the eyelashes and patients may find it easier to apply eye make-up after double eyelid surgery. 

What is the procedure for double eyelid surgery?

It is critical that your surgeon is fully experienced in this kind of surgery and at Spire Bushey Hospital your surgery will be carried out by a fully qualified plastic surgeon specialising in facial aesthetic surgery who has had specific training in Taiwan.

The pre-operative consultation is extremely important to allow a full analysis of the existing eyelid anatomy.  It is important to discuss the position of the new eyelid crease in terms of its height, shape and length. The surgery itself is carried out by opening the skin along the line of the newly designed crease and attaching the skin to deeper tissues. Sometimes, a small amount of fat in the eyelid may be removed to improve the contour of the eyelid. 

The surgery is usually carried out under local anaesthetic where the area around your eyes will be numb but you will be awake. If patients are a little anxious then sometimes mild sedation can be used. The surgery is carried out in a fully equipped operating theatre supported by the safety of a large private hospital.

What is recovery like after double eyelid surgery?

Following the surgery there is little discomfort and many patients report very little pain. A mild degree of bruising or swelling usually subsides within approximately two weeks. Appointments are made to have stitches removed within the first week following surgery and subsequent follow up is arranged to ensure satisfactory healing. At all times you will be supported by a specialist cosmetic surgery nurse and your surgeon.

As with any cosmetic procedure, it is important that you review your expectations thoroughly before you decide to proceed. Your surgeon will explain the results you can expect, and will discuss the associated risks and alternatives to the procedure before going ahead.

At Spire Bushey Hospital, you will see a consultant of your choice at a time that suits you. You will be treated in a premium private hospital, not a clinic, and you can be assured of our commitment to healthcare standards and infection control excellence.

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After the procedure



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Double eyelid surgery is offered by Consultant Plastic Surgeon Mr Jag Chana

Mr Chana is a fully qualified and experienced consultant plastic surgeon at Spire Bushey Hospital.

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