Mammogram (Mammography)

Digital Mammography

What is it?
Digital mammography is a breast screening technology that uses digital receptors and computers to help examine breast tissue for breast cancer. The electrical signals, which can be viewed on computer screens, allow radiologists to manipulate the images, making it far easier to spot micro calcifications and diagnose tumours earlier.

Digital Mammography is an advanced form of breast screening technology, which possesses numerous advantages over its predecessor, X-ray film. Whereas conventional mammography captures images of breast tissue on X-ray film, digital mammography uses computer imaging, allowing consultants to view the images immediately while the patient is still in the room.

This is a major benefit to the patient, as it enables the consultants to make immediate decisions on any further treatments that might be necessary, making the entire patient journey quicker and more efficient.

This new development in identifying breast cancers is likely to prevent the occurrence of misdiagnoses and unnecessary operations.

For more information on digital mammography or if you wish to book an appointment for a breast scan, please call our bookings department on 0117 980 4070.

What is a mammogram (mammography)?

Mammography is a type of scanning that uses low dose x-rays to examine the breast. It is used to help identify breast cancer in its early stages as it can find cancers that are too small to feel.

Having a mammogram

During a mammogram the radiographer will position your breast in a mammography unit.

Your breast will be placed on a special platform and compressed with a paddle. This is necessary so all the breast tissue can be x-rayed. The radiographer will then walk behind a screen and activate the machine.

The whole procedure will take around 30 minutes.

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