Men: It’s time to wake up to your health issues.

It’s good to talk – especially when it can help save thousands of lives!

The Movember movement – publicising men’s health issues – has been an international success since it was launched in Australia back in 2003. But it seems far too many mean are still keeping their health worries to themselves.

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“It is well known that men tend to keep things bottled up when it comes to medical issues,” said Consultant Urologist Professor Raj Persad (Bristol Urology Associates), “But that really is the worst thing they can do. I just hope that popular awareness campaigns like Movember can get people talking and taking action.”

Two of the biggest ‘men only’ killers are prostate and testicular cancer and both are very treatable if they are diagnosed early. However there is more men’s health issues which need talking about too. More and more men are experiencing a variety of symptoms they might usually choose to ignore, but Professor Raj Perasad of Spire Bristol Hospital urges them to seek advice from their GP or to go and see a specialist.

“There are many symptoms men may experience and just do nothing about. Symptoms such as having difficulty when starting to urinate; a weak urine flow (stopping and starting); a sensation of not fully emptying your bladder and even having to urinate more frequently (especially at night), subsequently disrupting your sleeping patterns and likewise that of your partner. A midnight trip to the bathroom is never warmly welcomed by anyone.” – explains Mr Persad

“You’re not wasting anyone’s time by getting checked out. If it’s not serious then that’s great, but if it as serious as bladder or kidney cancer early detection makes it easier to treat – so seeing your doctor immediately could really save your life,”- he continues.

In support of Men’s Health month Spire Bristol Hospital and Professor Persad will be hosting a men’s health awareness evening. The evening will be an open forum where Professor Persad will talk to men about these symptoms, what could be causing them and how they can be fixed.

Callum Hall, Patient Treatment Adviser at Spire Bristol Hospital, believes the evening could be vitally informative. He said: “Campaigns such as Movember and Men United do great work getting the ‘conversations’ started but, in the end, it is down to the individuals to take action and make that appointment with their GP.

“Our patient information evenings will equip men with a better understanding of these symptoms and hopefully will improve awareness of the conditions causing them.”

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