How secure are Spire online referrals?

Spire Healthcare have taken care to ensure that our online referral system is very secure. Safeguarding confidential patient information is our priority and so we have built a system that does not send ANY of this information by email.

We have taken great care to ensure the confidentiality of patient data.

Instead the form is encrypted (note the "https" in the web address for the form) just like online banking pages. Once you have entered data into the form and you click on the submit button, it is encrypted (at 1028 bit) and sent back to our servers in a form that would be unreadable to anyone else if intercepted. Once received within our company network, this is where the referral information stays - it is never sent outside the secure Spire network.

After you submit a referral to a Spire hospital, the local bookings staff receive an email alert telling them that a new referral has been made. No details from the referral are in this email. They must then login to our servers from inside our firewall-protected company network. There they can retrieve the referral and process it. This cannot be done over the web or anywhere except on Spire hospital computers.

We believe that we have created a robust and effective online referral system that will serve both patients and GPs well. If you have any further questions about GP Connect or online referrals, please contact To register for GP Connect please click here.

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