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Pay for one-off private treatment at Spire Wellesley Hospital, Southend, Essex

Did you know that private healthcare at the Spire Wellesley Hospital is open to all people, not just those with private medical insurance?

You can choose to pay for treatment yourself if you:

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  • don't want to wait for your operation or treatment
  • want to choose which Consultant you are treated by
  • want to be treated in a clean and safe environment
  • want to be assured of private inpatient single en-suite rooms.

We have a range of competitive package price procedures, operations and scans for those people wishing to take advantage of private hospital treatment, but who don't have private medical insurance.

We usually require a letter of referral to one of our Consultants from your GP but you may wish to refer yourself to one of the Consultants opposite who do not always require a GP referral.

Paying for treatment

When you call us to book an initial appointment with one of our Consultants, we will advise you of the approximate fee for that consultation, which must either be paid at the time of your appointment or upon receipt of a Consultant's invoice posted to your home address.

For any procedures or treatment conducted during the consultation, the hospital will take your credit card details, though you will need only pay upon the receipt of our invoice.

Should you need any further investigations or treatment, we can advise you as to the likely cost of these.

Please check Spire Healthcare's Terms and Conditions for further information.

"It was well worth the one-off payment to get better sooner"
This is not an actual quote but accurately reflects the views of our patients.

Finance so that you don't have to wait

You don't need private health insurance to have treatment at Spire Wellesley Hospital. Pay for one-off private healthcare treatment only when you need it, with a fixed price agreed in advance.

For more information speak to our Customer Service Adviser on 01702 447 926.

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Not insured and want to pay for your own treatment? Call01702 447 926

You may refer yourself if you are paying for your own treatment, without a GP referral to the following Consultants:

Consultant Cardiologists
Dr Kelly
Dr Khokhar

Consultant Dermatologists
Dr C Grech
Dr S Henderson
Dr Khorshid
Dr S Lateo
Dr Mehta

Consultant Endocrinologist
Dr Metcalfe

Consultant ENT Surgeons
Mr Gatland
Mr Philpott
Mr G Watters

Fertility Consultants
Mr Jadhav 

Consultant Gastroenterologists
Dr Z Ahmed
Dr J O'Brien

Dr Bray

Consultant in General Medicine
Mr M Ali

Consultant General Surgeons
Mr J Brown
Mr M Dworkin
Miss Hughes
Mr M Jakeways (including varicose veins)
Mr T Jeddy
Mr B Praveen

Mr N Rothnie

Consultant Gynaecologists
Dr D Jennings
Miss D Kolomainen
Mr Lee

Mr Raajkumar
Mr Razvi
Miss T Singh
Mr Thakur 

Mr N Venkat Raman

Consultant Hand surgeons
Miss Maria Sirotakova

Consultant Haematologist
Dr A Eden

Consultant Neurologists
Mr G Elrington
Dr Hewazy
Professor Hawkes
Dr Mavra

Consultant Oncologist
Dr Robinson

Consultant Ophthalmologists
Mr R Aggarwal
Mr S Bhermi
Mr V Geh
Mr Karia
Mr Kasaby
Mr Pearson

Consultant Oral Surgeons
Mr V Bhatt
Mr K Ganesan
Mr A Shah

Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeons
Mr H Bhinda
Mr Z Dannawi
Mr T Greer
Mr R Khazim
Mr P Lusty
Mr Packer
Mr P Prasad
Mr Raza
Mr S Symons
Mr A White

Consultant Plastic & Cosmetic Surgeons
Mr P Dziewulski
Mr L Kangesu
Mr B Mathur
Mr V Ramakrishnan
Miss M Sirotakova
Miss Zweifel

Consultant Physicians
Dr M Ali
Prof Davison
Dr Ganeslingam
Dr P Guyler
Dr Mellor
Dr D Mukherjee
Dr Powrie

Consultant Psychiatrists
Dr L Davidsson
Dr G Jackson

Consultant Rheumatologists
Dr Bharadwaj

Consultant Sports Physician
Mr H Rokan

Consultant Urologists
Mr S Mehta
Mr A Vohra

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