Advanced MRI scanning

As part of ongoing investment at the Spire Wellesley Hospital, in August 2013 the MRI scanner was upgraded to a wide bore magnet. This shorter, wider and quieter MRI scanner provides our patients with a greater degree of comfort and a more spacious atmosphere than comparable scanners in our region.

The shorter, wider and quieter Toshiba MRI is far more comfortable to patients than comparable scanners in the region

An MRI is a special scan that builds detailed 2D or 3D image of parts of the body using very specialised magnets and radiowaves instead of radiation, like X-rays. All parts of the body may be scanned and it is a painless process.

The detailed images created will help your doctor to diagnose and monitor a range of medical conditions.

Depending on the type of scan your doctor has asked for, they can take between 15 minutes and one hour to complete. Our team of imaging staff and radiographers will guide you through the whole process to make it as easy and as comfortable for you as possible.

Spire Wellesley Hospital also have facilities to allow our MRI patients to bring with them either a CD, MP3 player or iPod so that you can listen to your favourite music or recording whilst having your scan. Together with noise cancelling headphones this may help you to relax and we hope provides you with a more pleasant patient experience.

Scanning appointments are available five days a week.

As a privately-insured or self-funding patient, should your doctor or surgeon refer you to have an MRI scan, you have the choice of where to have it done. 

There is ample free parking in the hospital grounds as well as a comfortable waiting area with complimentary refreshments at the Spire Wellesley Hospital and it is our aim to ensure you are guided through the whole process as quickly and easily as possible.

To book an MRI scan, please call the Radiology Department on 01702 447 907 or contact us by completing the online enquiry form on the right of this page.

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For more information regarding MRI scanning call us on 01702 447 907

Paying for your own scan?

If you have been referred to have an MRI scan by your doctor or Consultant and wish to have it done at the Wellesley, the following prices apply:

One part scan from £495

Two part scan from £691

Prices are correct as of January 2015 but you will need to confirm these once your specific scanning requirements are known.

To book an MRI scan

To book an MRI scan please call the Radiology Department on 01702 447 907 or contact us using the online enquiry form above.

Appointments are available 5 days a week, Monday to Friday with evening appointments for your convenience.

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Patient information for MRI scans

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