Ear pinning (pinnaplasty) operation

Spire Tunbridge Wells Hospital in Fordcombe, Kent has a number of highly trained Plastic and ENT Surgeons who perform ear pinning operations.

Mr Marc Pacifico Consultant Plastic Surgeon who specialises in breast surgery at Spire Tunbridge Wells Hospital says:

"Prominent ears are very common. They are caused by the failure of the rubbery cartilage skeleton of the ears to develop certain folds. Surgery involves recreating the folds in the cartilage using specially placed stitches. The surgery takes 1.5-2 hours and leaves a scar behind the ear.  It is performed as a day case procedure, so you don’t need to stay in hospital overnight following the surgery."

What is ear pinning (pinnaplasty)?

If you feel your ears stick out too much, are too large, or you are not happy with their shape, ear pinning from Spire Cosmetic Surgery, also known as pinnaplasty or otoplasty, can reshape your ears and make them less prominent.

About the pinnaplasty procedure

During the operation, your surgeon makes cuts behind each ear. The cartilage may be re-shaped, folded, or some of it may be removed. Stitches are then used to hold the ear back in its new position.

Pinnaplasty normally takes one to two hours and you’ll usually be able to return home later the same day. It can be performed under general anaesthetic, which means you will be asleep during the procedure, or under local anaesthetic when the area will be numb but you will be awake. If you are having a local anaesthetic, you may also be offered a sedative to help you relax.

Pinnaplasty is a commonly performed and generally safe surgical procedure. People with prominent ears can be very distressed by the way they look, so for most people, the benefits are greater than the disadvantages. However, all operations carry risks as well as benefits.

As with any cosmetic procedure, it is important that you review your expectations thoroughly before you decide to proceed. Your consultant surgeon will explain the results you can expect, and will discuss the associated risks and alternatives to the procedure before going ahead.

With Spire Healthcare you will see a consultant of your choice at a time that suits you. You will be treated in a premium private hospital, not a clinic, and you can be assured of our commitment to healthcare standards and infection control excellence.

Ear pinning from Spire Cosmetic Surgery

With Spire Cosmetic Surgery you can select to see the consultant surgeon of your choice at a time that suits you. Read more about why Spire is the trusted choice for cosmetic surgery. You will be treated in a premium Spire private hospital - not a clinic - so you can be assured of our commitment to the highest healthcare standards and cleanliness.

How much does ear pinning or pinnaplasty cost?

If you would like to know the price for ear pinning simply call your preferred Spire location to speak to a cosmetic treatment adviser, send us an online enquiry or request a callback and we will be in touch.

How can I find out more about ear pinning?


Ear Pinning (Pinnaplasty) - both Ears

Pricing detail £3,613.00

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Plastic Surgeons at Spire Tunbridge Wells Hospital

Below our the names of the Consultant Plastic and Cosmetic  Surgeons who perform this procedure at Spire Tunbridge Wells:

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