Digital Infrared Breastscan (DIB)

Spire Tunbridge Wells Hospital has a dedicated fixed site imaging centre for all your scanning and imaging needs including Digital Infrared Breastscan (DIB), and state of the art MRI and CT scanners. We offer a range of imaging services and investigations performed by our specialist consultant radiologists and radiographers. Read more about The Imaging Centre.

What is Digital Infrared BreastScan?

Digital Infrared BreastScan is a safe, comfortable and non-invasive screening technology. Unlike mammography, which produces a structural assessment of the breast, Digital Infrared BreastScan produces a physiological assessment. It can help determine current breast health by measuring temperature changes in the breast during a period of cooling of the breast tissue. It uses a special camera that picks up ‘hot spots’ that may be caused by increased blood flow to cancerous tissue, and therefore has the potential to detect tumours at an early stage. Although available to women of any age, the technique can be particularly suitable for women under 50, and complements other screening technologies such as ultrasound or mammogram.

How often can I have the Digital Infrared BreastScan?

As it does not involve any exposure to radiation, the test can be performed on a 6 or 12-monthly basis and it is not necessary to obtain a GP referral. Digital Infrared BreastScan is available in the UK exclusively with BreastHealth UK.

What's involved in having a Digital Infrared BreastScan?

During a Digital Infrared BreastScan you will be seated approximately 1 metre from the machine with your hands on your head. The nurse will position the cameras to ensure all your breast tissue is scanned. Once the scan has begun, gently refrigerated air will blow over your breast tissue for 5-6 minutes.

How long will the DIB scan take?

The whole procedure will take about 15-20 minutes.

How much does a Digital Infrared BreastScan cost?

The price may vary from hospital to hospital but the price is around £160 (incl. VAT).

How long will it take to get the result?

The result is generally ready within a few days, but if you have had mammogram at the same time it may take 5-8 working days for the result letter to reach you.

How to book a Digital Infrared BreastScan or where can I learn more?

You do not need a GP referral to have a DIB scan. If you would like to book one or ask any questions, simply contact one of the Spire hospitals listed on the top right, or visit for appointment related information, a brief video of Digital Infrared BreastScan and frequently asked questions.

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