Launch of Silent MRI Scanner

Spire Hospital in Tunbridge Wells is the first and only hospital in the South East of England to benefit from a revolutionary new Silent MRI scanner.

The Silent MRI Scan improves patient comfort and experience by dramatically reducing the acoustic noise generated during an MRI scan from 110 decibels (equivalent to a rock concert) to just above background noise levels. 

As well as offering a quieter scanning environment, the Silent MRI Scan has a wider tunnel that can help patients to feel less confined as well as accommodating larger patients more comfortably. The Silent MRI Scan is also able to allow feet first imaging, meaning that the patient’s head remains outside the tunnel magnet.

Installed in the Spire Tunbridge Wells this month, the new Silent MRI scanner allows consultant radiologists to diagnose a full range of conditions including spinal injuries, brain tumours, joint disorders and sports injuries.

Noise is one of the major complaints from patients who undergo a MRI exam. With Silent Scan, developed by GE, noise is not merely dampened; but is virtually eliminated at the source.

Dr Charles Wetton, consultant radiologist at Spire Tunbridge Wells Hospital, said: “We are delighted to be able to offer our patients this revolutionary new Silent scanning technology as it will maximise their comfort and improve their experience of an MRI scan. With less noise, patients are more relaxed and they will find it easier to lie still. As a result we will be able to get even better image-quality and this will also help to eliminate the need for repeat scans.”

The Silent MRI Scan is part of the dedicated onsite Imaging Centre at Spire Tunbridge Wells Hospital.

Adrian Connolly, Hospital Director at Spire Tunbridge Wells Hospital, said: “I was delighted to mark the first anniversary of the Imaging Centre with the launch of revolutionary new Silent MRI technology at our hospital. This shows continued investment by Spire and great commitment by our team to ensure we deliver the very best we can for our patients.”

Adrian continued: “The launch of the Silent MRI and anniversary of the imaging centre was an enormous success and I was delighted to see so many people in attendance.”

To find out more about Silent MRI Scan contact 01892 741150.

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