Frequently Asked Questions about Gastric Balloons

How much weight will I lose?

You can expect to lose 20-30% of your excess body weight over the 6 months that the balloon is in place.

Will I lose weight quickly?

Weight loss is slower than with other surgeries as a gastric balloon is the least invasive of the procedures and is only a temporary measure.

How long will I have to stay in hospital?

The balloon is inserted under sedation so can normally be performed as a day case requiring no overnight stay.

How long will I have to take off work?

Most people feel nauseous for a couple of days after the balloon has been inserted so allow for this when considering taking time off. There is no other medical reason for time off.

Will I have to take any medication after surgery?

You will have to take some medication while the balloon is in situ. This will be discussed with you during your consultation.

Will the balloon restrict me in any way?

Apart from feeling nauseous for a couple of days the balloon should not affect your activity level at all.

How will by diet change after surgery?

To get the best results from the balloon, adhere to the dietary advice given by the dietician at your monthly follow-up consultations.

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