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Clinical Standards and Cleanliness

  • We consider a clean environment to be the foundation upon which we deliver safe and effective clinical care. We are committed to achieving consistently high standards of hospital cleanliness and take a leading position among healthcare providers by sharing with you our clinical performance figures.

    Patient reported outcomes

    VF-14 has been used by doctors in the UK for over 20 years to measure visual health improvement following cataract surgery. Patients complete a baseline survey before their cataract operation and the same survey four months later. The difference in scores provides an indication of health gain.

    By committing to publish these scores in every Spire Eye Centre, we are able to ensure the very highest standards of care.

    The VF-14 survey uses a 0-100 scale – with 100 being the highest score possible. Spire Eye Centres achieved a score of 97 in 2008, compared to the average score of 86, which was a significant improvement in visual function amongst Spire Eye Centre patients.

    Cleanliness and infections

    • For surgery we give timed arrivals and departures only two hours apart, allowing for minimal time in hospital
    • Significant investment in new theatre and sterilisation departments to the highest international standards completed in 2008
    • We employ our own team of housekeepers to ensure that wards, corridors and surfaces are regularly and thoroughly cleaned
    • Staff receive regular training in robust hand hygiene
    • We use operating theatres with laminar air flow, an air filter system, for all major operations to minimise the risk of infection in theatre
    • We employ an infection control nurse to ensure that we adhere to policies for the prevention and control of infection, supported by a specialist at national level
    How we minimise the risk of infection


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