GreenLight™ Laser Therapy

GreenLight™ Laser Photoselective Vaporisation of the Prostate (PVP) is a treatment for people suffering from an enlarged prostate (Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia). This enlargement of the prostate is non-cancerous, however because it presses on the urethra, it can cause problems such as:

  • Frequent urination (especially at night)
  • Sudden need to urinate 
  • Difficulty beginning urination
  • Pain or burning
  • Inability to empty your bladder completely
  • Dribbling or leaking
  • Weak urine stream

GreenLight™ Laser Therapy uses high powered laser energy to vaporise the obstructive prostatic tissue, allowing urine to pass through freely once more. This procedure is an alternative to more commonly performed procedures, such as Transurethral Resection of the Prostate (TURP), where patients typically stay in hospital for up to four days following their operation.

The advantages of GreenLight™ Laser Therapy are:

  • Less invasive
  • No incisions or surgical resection
  • Blood loss minimalized
  • Short hospital stay – able to go home on the same or following day
  • Non-strenuous activities within a few days
  • Risk of urethral damage minimalized
  • Risk of ‘TUR’ syndrome minimalized
  • Rapid symptom relief (dependent on medical history, health conditions and other factors)
  • Preservation of sexual functions
  • Urinary flow improved

Treatment using the latest device, the “third generation” XPS™ machine, is provided at Spire South Bank Hospital by Consultant Urological Surgeon, Mr Terry Chen. You will have an out-patient appointment with Mr Chen who can then advise whether GreenLight™ Laser Therapy is a suitable solution for your problems. Patients benefit from a rapid recovery and can quickly return to normal life.

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Mr Terry Chen  using the “third generation” XPS™ machine

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