Treatment prices at Spire Roding Hospital

Below you will find guide prices for some of our most common procedures. For prices of all other procedures please contact the customer service team directly.

Back surgery Guide Price £6631 +
Bladder investigations (cystoscopy) Guide Price £1446 +
Carpal tunnel syndrome Guide Price £2019 +
Cataract removal surgery Guide Price £2246 +
Colonoscopy Guide Price £1678 +
Dilatation and Curettage (D&C) operation Guide Price £2310 +
Flexible sigmoidoscopy Guide Price £1637 +
Gallbladder removal (cholecystectomy) Guide Price £5577 +
Gastric Banding Guide Price £6750 +
Gastric Bypass Surgery Guide Price £9550 +
Gastroscopy Guide Price £1352 +
Hernia surgery Guide Price £2631 +
Hip Replacement Surgery Guide Price £11402 +
Hysterectomy surgery Guide Price £5034 +
Hysteroscopy procedure Guide Price £2531 +
Knee arthroscopy surgery Guide Price £3788 +
Knee Ligament Surgery Guide Price £8695 +
Knee replacement operation Guide Price £13545 +
Pain Management Guide Price £1456 +
Prostate surgery and laser prostate surgery Guide Price £5191 +
Shoulder Arthroscopy Guide Price £3156 +
Shoulder replacement surgery Guide Price £5447 +
Vaginal repair operation Guide Price £3674 +
Varicose vein treatment and surgery Guide Price £2980 +
Vasectomy reversal Guide Price £3130 +
Wisdom Teeth Removal Guide Price £2247 +

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