Head and Neck Clinic at Spire Roding Hospital

A one-stop head and neck clinic is now available at Spire Roding Hospital, Essex, for a fast-track referral, diagnosis and treatment of patients with lumps and bumps in the head and neck area.

The appearance of such lumps can be worrying and while the majority are diagnosed as benign, some may be cancerous or tuberculous (relating to or caused by tuberculosis).

Our specialist team can rapidly assess and diagnose lumps, bumps, signs and symptoms of the head and neck area

The Spire Roding Hospital one-stop head and neck clinic is based on an existing, successful service at St Bartholomew’s Hospital, London, which was the first of its kind in the country. Leading our specialist team is Mr Mike Dilkes, Consultant Head and Neck Surgeon, Dr Curtis Offiah, Consultant Head and Neck Radiologist and Dr. Al-Okati, Consultant Pathologist, who will undertake the cytology (examination of cells) and diagnosis of head and neck lumps.

Patients coming to the Spire Roding One-Stop Head and Neck Clinic can expect:

  • Prompt examination by our Head and Neck Consultant Surgeon
  • Diagnosis within 1 hour (may include high-resolution ultrasound by radiographer, needle/core biopsy, aspiration and microscope examination by cytologist)
  • Personalised treatment plan, if further treatment is necessary
  • Highest quality treatment and care in our clean and comfortable private hospital environment 

The clinic will be able to diagnose a wide range of head and neck lumps and bumps, including:

  • cysts
  • lipomas (benign tumour composed of fatty tissue)
  • lymph nodes
  • tuberculosis
  • thyroid and salivary gland masses
  • head and neck cancers

For more information about the one-stop head and neck clinic call 020 8709 7817 or complete our online enquiry form.

The information below gives more details about what signs and symptoms would be investigated at our Head and Neck Clinic, and the conditions these symptoms can relate to.  

Neck lumps

Neck lumps can contain a vast array of potential diagnoses, all of which can be treated by our Head and Neck Surgeon at Spire Roding Hospital.

Conditions associated with neck lumps range from minor to serious, from sebaceous cysts, thyroid or salivary gland adenomas, to malignant neck masses from ENT primary cancers. All conditions can be diagnosed by early referral to a surgeon, who may arrange for specialist ultrasound and cytology to confirm the diagnosis.

In children, neck lumps are often seen by paediatricians in the first instance.


A hoarse voice can indicate a wide range of conditions such as functional dysphonia, nodules/polyps and oedema.

More seriously, hoarseness can also sometimes indicate cancer of the vocal cords, pharynx or lung. Vocal cord cancers have a very high cure rate if detected early with this symptom. Where suitable, laser removal is the treatment of choice.

Problems or pain when swallowing

Dysphagia (swallowing problems)

Problems with swallowing can indicate conditions such as globus pharyngeus (lump in the throat) and gastro-oesophageal reflux.

It is a less specific symptom than hoarseness, but it can also imply an underlying oesophageal or lower throat cancer. In these cases, swallowing difficulties can present along with a lump in the neck and ear pain. Early referral is vital as these symptoms often present quite late. Treatment with a combination of surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy is often required.

Odynophagia (pain when swallowing)
Other conditions indicated by odynophagia may be impacted or diseased teeth, benign ulcers, or even fish bones in the throat!

More likely to represent a cancer than simple dysphagia - weight loss may have occurred and the patient looks unwell. Mouth or throat cancer can present with this symptom. Patients often see GP's early on when they have this - so cancers can be caught early and treated with laser surgery or photodynamic therapy.

Unexplained ear pain (Otalgia)

Ear pain is very common, especially in children. Most cases of ear pain are transient, easily explained and associated with temporomandibular joint or facial problems (i.e; neuralgia).

However, if the ear pain is persistent and the cause unclear, then a specialist will need to be consulted.

Otherwise unexplained ear pain can be the presenting symptom of cancers of the nasopharynx (the part of the pharynx that connects to your nose) and oropharynx (the part of the pharynx between the soft palate and the epiglottis) in particular.

In these cases, since the ear pain often presents late, it is treated with a combination of surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy. If caught early, laser removal or photodynamic therapy can be used.

Head and neck cancer

Cancer can occur in over 30 places in the tissues or organs in the head and neck, including the mouth (lips, tongue, gums and inner lining of the cheeks), throat, nose, ear, eye and neck.

As with all cancers, early diagnosis of head and neck cancer is crucial to the effective treatment of the patient and their recovery.

Blocked/discharging nose

Sinus infection, deviated septum and polyps are common indications of a blocked or discharging nose.

However, it can also be a symptom of nose or sinus cancer. These usually present late, and need radical treatment with combination surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

Unilateral eye proptosis (bulging eyes)

A diagnosis of bulging eyes is extensive sinus infection spreading to the eye.

Otherwise, this symptom can be a sign of thyroid problems.


A common diagnosis of ulcers is benign aphthous (oral) ulcers.

Malignant mouth ulcers feel knobbly, have a raised edge and are persistent. If caught early they can be treated with laser removal. 

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A typical price for our one-stop Head and Neck Clinic, including consultation, diagnostic scan and cytology (testing) is £750.

For more information, call 020 8709 7817 or complete our online enquiry form.

Clinic time

The Head and Neck Clinic is available at Spire Roding Hospital on Friday afternoons.

Other patient information

Patients who are paying for their own treatment do not need to have a GP referral to visit the Head and Neck Clinic, although a referral will be required for insured patients.

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