Laser-free sight correction

Lens replacement is carried out at the Spire Regency, Cheshire, by our consultant ophthalmologists. PRELEX is the name now given to Refractive Lens Exchange - the surgical procedure to replace the natural lens of your eye, which can be used to correct both long and short sight. PRELEX stands for PREsbyopic Lens EXchange.

For patients not suitable for laser eye correction, PRELEX can improve vision and reduce or even eliminate your dependence on glasses

It literally means exchanging the natural lens for a synthetic lens in people who have become long or short sighted or both. Presbyopia is a natural ageing process and affects everyone. It can be improved by wearing bifocal or varifocal glasses or contact lenses (monovision or multifocal contact lenses). These can take a while to get used to and not everyone can tolerate this form of correction.

Laser-free sight correction :

  • Can reduce or eliminate your need for glasses
  • Can be an alternative for those unsuitable for, or not wanting laser eye correction
  • Is best suited for people over 40 years.

Utilising the proven technology of cataract surgery, with PRELEX you can have clearer vision and reduce or even eliminate your dependence on glasses or a lifelong expense of contact lenses.

Another great advantage of PRELEX is you will never need treatment for cataracts later in life.

The procedure is similar to a cataract procedure. Cataract procedures are a routine procedure with an excellent safety profile. The pre-operative assessment and lens selection process is of paramount importance and therefore a number of painless measurements and in depth discussions will need to take place to ensure the best possible outcome.

Spire Regency Hospital's highly skilled and internationally renowned ophthalmic consultants have each performed thousands of lens exchange procedures using the latest micro-incision phaco technology.

Prices start at £2,915.

Fed up of wearing glasses and contact lenses?

For more information or to book a consultation to see if you are suitable for laser-free sight correction, please call 01625 505412

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Consultant Ophthalmologist performing Laser-free sight correction at the Spire Regency Hospital

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