Patient stories

At Spire Leeds Hospital we are committed to providing the highest quality of care to all our patients - whether they are insured, NHS or paying for their own treatment.

Since opening in 1989, we have treated thousands of patients from Leeds, Harrogate, York, Bradford, Yorkshire as well as patients from around the UK and overseas.

Some of our patients have kindly agreed to share their experience with us.

Bones, joints and spines

Ian Whitmore - total ankle replacement surgery
"Within a few days of the operation, the pain was gone"
Read more about Ian's experience and his surgery

Jason Marsden - minimally invasive back surgery
"After years of suffering I feel unbelievably better. It's great not to be in so much pain anymore."
Read more about Jason's experience and his surgery

Eleanor Copeland - minimally invasive back surgery for sciatica
"Having the surgery really was a life-changing experience."
Read more about Eleanor's experience and her surgery

Lisa Lindsay - spinal cord stimulation treatment
"I feel that I’ve got my life back"
Read more about Lisa's experience and treatment

Peter Cartwright - spinal cord stimulation treatment
"I now have great control over the pain and over my life"
Read more about Peter's experience and treatment

Jonathan Parker - anterior cervical discectomy and fusion
"I was back at work after just two months"
Read more about Jonathan's experience and treatment

Graham Bickerdike - XLIF (eXtreme Lateral Interbody Fusion)
"I felt I was in the best hands I could be in"
Read more about Graham's experience and his surgery 

Peter Austin - minimally invasive back surgery (microdiscectomy)
"Right after the surgery, the pain had gone"
Read more about Peter's experience and his surgery

Mavis Morley -  minimally invasive back surgery for cervical spondylotic myelopathy (CSM)
"I have my life back, it's like a miracle"
Read more about Mavis's experience and her surgery

Jonas Barber - toe-to-hand transfer 
"I’m determined to get back on my bike and hope to return to racing one day" 
Read more about Jonas' experience and his surgery

Sharon Brennan - total hip replacement surgery
"Now I can go for long walks and climb stairs"
Read more about Sharon's experience and treatment

Keith Moorhouse - bilateral total knee replacement
"You don't realise how much pain you are in until it stops"
Read more about Keith's experience and his surgery

Mark Asquith - knee arthroscopy
"I stood up and my knee gave way"
Read more about Mark's experience and his surgery

Nick Hannah - knee surgery
"I had to stop competing in all running events and triathlons"
Read more about Nick's experience and his surgery

Jeff Benedict - total knee replacement
"I cannot recommend the procedure enough"
Read more about Jeff's experience and his surgery

Stephen Rawlings - partial knee replacement
"I felt better soon after the surgery"
Read more about Stephen's experience and his surgery 


Margaret Dyson - rotator cuff repair with shoulder patch
"I can sleep on my left side for the first time in months"
Read more about Margaret's experience and her surgery

Adam Flesher - arthroscopic subacromial decompression
"It was brilliant to see how much I was advancing day by day"
Read more about Adam's experience and his surgery 

Cancer treatment/surgery

Liver cancer surgery

Dorothy Horsman - surgery for liver cancer
"I feel so lucky as I might not have lived to see my grandson"
Read more about Dorothy's experience and her surgery

Breast cancer treatment
Angie Lavelle - treatment for breast cancer
"The cancer was not going to control me or my life"
Read more about Angie's experience and her surgery

Louise Wilkinson - treatment for breast cancer
"I feel great and very lucky to be alive"
Read about Louise's experience and her surgery

Ailsa Gunn - treatment for breast cancer
"Everyone's positive messages and support are hugely appreciated"
Read about Ailsa's experience and her treatment 

Cosmetic surgery

Mrs RG - breast augmentation
"I am absolutely thrilled with the result!"
Read more about Mrs RG's experience and her surgery

Anna Shotton - breast augmentation
"I felt fine and was back at work in 10 days"
Read more about Anna's experience and her surgery

Joanna Lumb - breast augmentation
"It was the right choice for me and I feel like I did it for the right reasons"
Read more about Joanna's experience and her surgery

Ear pinning

Hakam Albakri - pinnaplasty
"It was uncomfortable sleeping on my side and it caused problems wearing a headset at work" 
Read more about Hakam's experience and his surgery

Ms Noelie Klineberg - body jet liposuction
"I felt like my bottom didn't match my body"
Read more about Noelie's experience and her surgery

Multiple cosmetic surgery procedures

Deborah Middleton-Truman
"It took 10 years off me!"
Read more about Deborah's experience and her surgeries

Lynne Lesieur - tummy tuck and liposuction
“I’m ecstatic about the results. Beyond happy."
Read more about Lynne's experience and her surgeries 

Tummy tuck
Charlotte Hanson - tummy tuck following pregnancy
"It has changed my life and given me back my self-confidence. My boys have got a much happier mum"
Read more about Charlotte's experience and her surgery 

David Learmonth - tummy tuck following weight loss surgery
"I feel one hundred percent better in myself"
Read more about David's experience and his surgeries

Ear, nose and throat surgery

Julie Naylor - sinus surgery/balloon sinuplasty
"I had no sense of smell or taste"
Read more about Julie's experience and her surgery 

General surgery

Carole White - gallbladder removal surgery
"I’m pain free and enjoying life again"
Read more about Carole's experience and her surgery

Piles/haemorrhoid treatment
Elizabeth Sheard - transanal haemorrhoidal de-arterialisation (THD) treatment
"It’s such a pleasure to be free of the pain and discomfort"
Read more about Elizabeth's experience and her surgery

Paediatric surgery

Adenoidectomy and grommets
Oliver Shaw - removal of adenoids and insertion of grommets
"Oliver is a much happier little boy and his hearing and speech has improved incredibly"
Read more about Oliver's experience and his surgery 

Facial surgery
Alena Hughes - facial surgery following injury
"A huge thank you to my hero Professor Kay"
Read more about Alena's experience and her surgery


Male incontinence
Albert Cheesebrough - male transobturator sling surgery
"The symptoms made me feel unclean and very uncomfortable"
Read more about Albert's experience and his surgery

Weight loss surgery

Gastric band
David Learmonth - gastric band
"I feel one hundred percent better in myself"
Read more about David's experience and his surgeries

Gastric bypass 
Claire Clarke - gastric bypass 

"I want to say to anyone who might be considering the surgery. Don’t hesitate. It can change your life" 
Read more about Claire's experience and her surgery 

Kevin and Catherine Falconer - gastric bypass
"We feel we have been given a new lease of life!
Read more about Kevin and Catherine's experience and their surgery

Diane Ambrose - gastric bypass
"I feel fabulous!"
Read more about Diane's experience and her surgery

Gillian Carbine - gastric bypass
"My life has changed completely"
Read more about Gillian's experience and her surgery

Lynn Durrell - gastric bypass
"I really feel the operation saved my life!"
Read more about Lynn's experience and her surgery

Russell Robinson - gastric bypass
"If I had not had the surgery I would not have been able to make the changes on my own"
Read more about Russell's experience and his surgery

Jason Taylor - gastric bypass
"I feel so much better in myself for losing the weight"
Read more about Jason's experience and his surgery

Kirsty Westerman - gastric bypass
"It’s the best thing I’ve ever done"
Read more about Kirsty's experience and her surgery 

Linda Pearson - gastric bypass
"It saved my life. It changed my life"
Read more about Linda's experience and her surgery 

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