Digital mammograms available at Spire Leeds Hospital

December 2011

Digital mammograms are now available at Spire Leeds Hospital following the installation of new state-of-the-art equipment.

The hospital, which is a Bupa approved breast cancer centre has been offering breast care services for over 20 years. Spire Leeds offers both diagnosis and surgical treatment for breast cancer and other breast conditions.

What is digital mammography?
Digital mammography is a specialised form of mammography which uses computers and digital receptors to help examine breast tissue for breast cancer instead of the more traditional x-ray film.

Why has Spire Leeds introduced digital mammography?
Digital mammography has a number of advantages over conventional x-ray mammography:

  • The detail provided by this system is much greater than that of film.
  • The radiation dose required to produce the image is less than for both film and computerised mammography.
  • Radiologists are able to manipulate the image which gives them more opportunity to identify changes in breast tissue.

Radiology manager at Spire Leeds Hospital, Tracy Stewart, said: “The quality of the mammograms on the digital machine is excellent and allows us to detect even the tiniest of early lumps.”

Tracy continued: “Early detection is the key to curing breast cancer effectively, and this new digital technology is another step forward.”

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