Minor Eyelid Surgery

Spire Hull and East Riding Hospital is pleased to offer patients minor eyelid surgery treatements with Mr Colin Vize, consultant opthalmologist and oculoplastic surgeon. Services offered include eyelid cyst removal and watery eyes. Surgery of the eyelids and structures around the eye is called oculoplastic surgery. It should be performed by a surgeon who is specifically trained in ophthalmology and plastics. The speciality includes repositioning eyelids that have become droopy or which are turning in or out. It also includes the removal of lid abnormalities and subsequent reconstruction of the eyelid.

The assurance of a fully qualified Consultant Ophthalmologist

 Eyelid Cysts

An eyelid cyst is usually a painless lump or swelling either on the upper or lower eyelid. It is caused by a blockage in one of the glands that supplies fluid to lubricate the edge of the eyelid.
Eyelid cysts are usually removed  by having a minor operation under local anaesthesia. During the operation the eyelid is carefully turned inside out and a small instrument is placed over the cyst to hold it secure. The cyst is then cut and scraped away and the wound washed with salt (saline) solution.

Eyelid cyst removal normally takes about 20 minutes and is routinely performed as a day case, requiring no overnight stay.

Watery eyes

Watering eyes is when tears are produced without any obvious reason. It is caused when tears don't drain away properly (epiphora) or too many tears are produced (hypersecretion). Epiphora and hypersecretion can occur as a result of conditions such as conjunctivitis (eye inflammation), an eye injury, or something irritating your eye, such as car fumes.

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How tears work

Tears are constantly produced to keep the eyes moist. They are produced in the small gland located above and outside each eye, called the lacrimal gland, and in the small cells found in the membrane that covers the eyeball (conjunctiva). When you blink, tears are spread over the front of your eyes.

The tears drain away through tiny channels known as canaliculi, which are found on the inside of your eyes. The tears drain into a tear "sac" before flowing down a tube and into your nose.

Blocked tear duct

If your tear ducts become blocked or narrowed, or if you have an eye infection, excess tears can build up. This causes the tear ducts to overflow, leading to a watering eye. If you have a blocked tear duct, your eye may water at least 10 times a day.

Who is affected by watering eyes?

You can get watering eyes at any age but it is most common in young babies (0-12 months) and people over the age of 60. It can affect one or both eyes and can cause blurred vision, sore eyelid skin and sticky eyes. 


Surgery on the tear duct to alleviate a watery eye is called lacrimal surgery. If you have a watery eye, it is possible that you have a blocked tear duct.

When you are seen in the outpatietn clinic, you will be examined to see if your watering is caused by a blocked duct or whether it is happening for some other reason, such as an irritation of the eye causing overproduction of tears. If you have a blocked tear duct and you would like an improvement, it is likely that surgery will be the treatment of choice.

Sometimes a very small procedure is all that is needed but you may require an operation that requires a general anaesthetic either as a day case or with one night's stay in hospital.

How do I make an appointment?

To make an appointment to see Mr Colin Vize, consultant Ophthalmologist and Occuplastic surgeon you will need a referral from your GP or optician. Please contact our clinic appointments office on 01482 672 444.

For more information on services provided and guide prices please call the Sales and Marketing team on 01482 672 412

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Consultants offering minor eyelid surgery at Spire Hull and East Riding Hospital:

Mr Colin Vize

Guide Prices for Minor Eye surgery

Excision of lesion from eyelid in outpatients: from £283
Biposy of lesion of eyelid (daycase): from £967

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