Vasectomy Reversal frequently asked questions

Q  Is it possible to operate again if I’ve had a previous vasectomy reversal?

A  This depends on the findings at the previous reversal operation.  If  epididymo-vasostomy was  not performed  previously or if sperm were initially present in the early  sperm counts but later disappeared then there is a good chance that a second operation done using a microsurgical technique can be successful
Q  When can I have sex again?

A It is recommended that you avoid sex and ejaculation for three weeks after the reversal operation.  Ejaculation causes quite a strong muscular contraction of the vas and this may damage the delicate repair in the first weeks after operation.

Q How long does it take to achieve a pregnancy?

A Normal couples take an average of one year to conceive.  Our records show this is a little longer after vasectomy reversal being on average fiveteen months.

Q What  can be done if the operation fails?

A It is often possible to proceed to IVF treatments if a vasectomy reversal fails.  This might be necessary if the sperm count is particularly low after the reversal or there are a large number of anti-sperm antibodies present in the semen ( these stop sperm swimming properly).  If no sperm are present at all then sperm can be obtained from the epididymis with a needle and syringe . These sperm are then frozen until needed for an IVF treatment. 


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