John Starr - hip replacement

Mr John Starr from Hornchurch in Essex, had hip replacement surgery at Spire Hartswood Hospital in Brentwood, Essex in March 2010.

"Within a week I felt totally recovered with no pain and I don’t use a walking stick"
John Starr, Hornchurch, Essex

John, 76, is retired and has had two private hip replacement operations at Spire Hartswood Hospital.

Originally when Mr Starr wanted to have treatment in a private hospital his GP, Dr Tim Bland, referred him to Mr Kandiah Ratnakumar at Spire Hartswood Hospital.

John’s first hip was replaced in 2009 and whilst recovering from that, he realised that his other hip would need replacing too.

John explains more: “I had my first hip done and was being walked up the corridor of the hospital by my consultant when he said he could hear my hip creaking and said I should think about getting my other hip done.”

Further tests confirmed what Mr Ratnakumar, consultant orthopaedic surgeon at Spire Hartswood Hospital, had suspected. John was so happy with his first hip operation that he had already decided that he wanted Mr Ratnakumar to do the next one. John said: “Mr Ratnakumar really took the time to listen to me and any concerns I had. I have been a swimmer all my life and still swim about four times a week. He gave me my hobby back and so I knew I wanted him to do my other hip.”

In fact Mr Starr is a champion swimmer and is a member of the Romford Town Swimming Club where he regularly swims 60-70 lengths on average per time. So, having hips that were fully functional was a priority for John. He didn’t hesitate to book himself in for more surgery: “I had originally opted to pay for myself at Spire Hartswood hospital because I knew it had a good reputation and once I’d had one operation there I was keen to stay there.

It was very easy to get booked in. I came for my second hip to be replaced in March 2010 and once again Mr Ratnakumar did an amazing job. I was in hospital for a few days where I received some physiotherapy and then I went home. Within a week I felt totally recovered with no pain and I don’t use a walking stick, except as a precaution when there is ice. I am back swimming and competing and that makes me happy.”

Mr Starr was very impressed by the professional care and personal service he received from the staff and consultant at Spire Hartswood Hospital.  John continued: “Everyone from the porters to the chef went out of their way to make me feel comfortable and at ease.  I especially have a lot of time for Mr Ratnakumar. Although he was always very professional I felt that he was very personable, almost like seeing an old friend and that really makes a difference.”

Mr Starr has fully recovered from his latest hip replacement surgery and is back to full fitness. He successfully completed nine events in three days winning medals including gold at a national swimming competition in October 2010.

Mr Starr said: “The hip replacement operation gave me my life back. I am so grateful to have had the treatment I received and to still be able to compete at my age. I have been swimming since I was 11 years old and don’t ever want to stop. Now I don’t have to."

The surgeon's view - comments from Mr Kandiah Ratnakumar

“Hip replacement surgery is a complex but common procedure with a good recovery rate. Mr Starr came to me with severe pain in both hips which was affecting his lifestyle and daily activities. It is nice to see Mr Starr doing very well which is due not only to medical advancements but also the dedicated care of Spire Hartswood Hospital staff. I wish him luck in his swimming activities.”

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Mr Kandiah Ratnakumar

Mr Kandiah Ratnakumar consultant orthopaedic surgeon at Spire Hartswood Hospital performed Mr Starr's hip replacement surgery. Read more about Mr Ratnakumar.

Mr John Starr

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