"The long-term support programme at Spire Gatwick Park is very good and I certainly felt that the team genuinely cared for my success"


Rosie came in for gastric bypass surgery with consultant bariatric surgeon Mr Simon Monkhouse.

“Over the years, I have done every diet in the book, and not in the book. Although I would lose some weight each time, I would put all the weight back on and usually a bit more.

“At 58, I began to worry about diabetes. I also had low self-esteem and was very unhappy with myself as no matter what I put on I always felt ugly and conspicuous.”

At the time of her operation in October last year, Rosie was a size 22-24 and weighed around 110kgs (17stone 5lb)

By April 2015, she had dropped to a size 10 - 12, and weighed 75kgs (11st and 1 lb) at 5ft 6, Rosie’s goal weight is 63kg (10stone)

“I went to pick my daughter up from university at Christmas and she didn't recognise me. I have kept a photographic diary after the operation so I could see the difference. It is certainly something I would recommend to do if you decide to go for the surgery.

“The best part came when I was able to buy nice underwear, rather than go to the `big girls’ section’ with control pants.”

Rosie had suitcases full of clothes she had put aside many years ago just in case she lost weight during her many diets.

These were very useful when the weight was dropping off, but now she is getting into sizes she only ever dreamed of, so new clothes are now being purchased.

Since the operation, Rosie has adjusted well to her new way of eating.

“I don’t feel hungry or deprived. My approach to eating now is to eat sensibly but have a little bit of what you fancy so there is no feeling of deprivation - as I can really only have a tiny bit anyway.”

She is now swimming several times a week and is happy to tell people about the operation.

“People have been very supportive and I don’t feel I have to be embarrassed about it. I would recommend this, absolutely, and only wished I had embarked on it 20 years ago. The long-term support programme at Spire Gatwick Park is very good and I certainly felt that the team genuinely cared for my success.

“If my daughter ever were to get into the same situation, I would give her the money to do it and support her.

“I can now look forward to being an active and much happier person, with a future that is exciting and full of new adventures.”

Rosie 1 week before her surgery - October 2014

Rosie 8 months later - June 2015

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