Hip arthroscopy

At Spire Fylde Coast Hospital near Blackpool, Lancashire, the hip arthroscopy procedure is performed regularly by our expert orthopaedic surgeons.

What conditions may be treated by hip arthroscopy?

Impingement of the hip occurs in teenage or early adult life, and is due to a mismatch between the shape of the hip ball and socket. This irregularity causes high pressures in the joint and may lead to cartilage damage. Patients will have groin pain on rotation of the hip and exercise might be limited as a result. Often they will be diagnosed as having recurrent groin strains.

What's involved in a hip arthroscopy procedure?

‘Key-hole’ hip surgery has advanced in recent years and now is more commonly used as an  intervention for some hip problems. Hip arthroscopy is a key-hole surgical technique allowing the inside of the joint to be visualised and any cartilage damage to be corrected. The cartilage rim of the socket may be torn and need trimming or repairing. Loose bodies can be removed and any irregularity in the shape of the femoral neck region can be smoothed off, reducing subsequent impingement. This may reduce the chances of subsequently developing osteoarthritis.

Hip arthroscopy is done as a day case procedure through three 1 cm incisions at the top of the leg.  Pain is usually not severe and wears off within a few days. It may take 2-3 months to return to full sport and running. Unless there is established osteoarthritis in the joint, the majority of patients make a full recovery.

Is hip arthroscopy surgery available on the NHS?

Hip arthroscopies are currently being restricted by the NHS in some areas of the UK and waiting lists are becoming significantly longer. For these reasons many people opt for private treatment.

Why should I consider having a hip arthroscopy operation at a Spire hospital?

Whether you have medical insurance or are paying for your treatment yourself, with Spire Healthcare you will be seen quickly by the consultant-grade surgeon of your choice at a time that suits you. You will be treated in a premium private hospital with some of the UK's highest standards of cleanliness and infection control. What’s more, you’ll be able to recuperate in your own private room with friends and family able to visit when you wish.

To find out more about having a hip arthroscopy privately or to get a guide price, simply

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What kind of symptoms or injuries might require a hip arthroscopy?

Unexplained groin pain: In certain conditions where a groin pain is difficult to diagnose clinically and with investigations; hip arthroscopy can be a very helpful tool to diagnose and treat the underlying cause.

Labral degeneration and tears: Labrum is a sealing cartilage around the hip joint and can be a cause of hip pain when it is torn or worn out. Hip arthroscopy is used in debridement or suturing of the torn cartilage to relieve the symptoms. 

Femoroacetabular impingement (Cam and Pincer types): This hip condition exists due to abnormal contact between femoral head (ball) and acetabulum (socket) of the hip joint and is mainly prevalent in young patients. In Cam impingement, a prominent bony bump at the head and neck junction of the femur causes damage to the Labrum and joint cartilage of the acetabulum. Pincer impingement is characterised by “over coverage” of the socket part of the hip joint and is mainly present in middle aged women. Sometimes both types of impingement exist in the same patient. Hip arthroscopy helps in removing the prominent bony bump and relieving the symptoms.

Ligamentum teres injuries: This strong ligament connects the femoral head to the acetabulum and is torn either due to injury to the hip joint or elongates and eventually ruptures in dancers, gymnasts etc. and can be source of discomfort and pain. Hip arthroscopy tends to either remove the torn ligament, clean and tidy or reconstruct it.

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