Cosmetic and plastic surgery patient testimonials

Jennifer, Glenrothes, breast revision surgery, 2015 

"All in all the surgery, patient care, the welcoming feel, the staff and the aftercare is what makes Spire Murrayfield outstanding, and I would highly recommend Spire."
Emma, Edinburgh, 2014

My experience at the hospital was absolutely amazing, I’m so happy with the results and I’d recommend Mr Quaba to anyone. The care I received was outstanding and I’m a lot happier than I was before I had the surgery. I was in for revision surgery following breast implants carried out by a different clinic. For my first breast operation I didn’t really do any research, I went where I went because it was cheaper. This time I did lots of research. Mr Quaba was outstanding and the hospital was amazing. I would urge anyone to go to Spire Murrayfield. In my opinion the cheapest option isn’t the best option.

Stephanie, Jedburgh, multiple procedures, 2015

In my twenties I always wanted a bigger bust size so after having my children I decided to go for the breast augmentation amd caesarean section correction, plus liposuction on my arms, inside thighs and sides of rib area, and lip fillers. I am over the moon with the results and recovery period was exactly as I had been advised.

Angela, Carlisle, lower face and neck lift, 2015

I had a lower face and neck lift plus laser under a local anaesthetic so I was awake all through the procedure, only suffering discomfort from the injections. When it was over I had none of the side effects that you would experience from a general. The only bruising was one small area on my right cheek. Mr Quaba and his theatre team were excellent with me at all times. I would have it all done again, no problem.


Before                                                       After

 Davina, East Lothian, neck lift, 2015

To anyone who has hesitated having a neck lift because of the fear of general anaesthesia, hesitate no more! I recently had a neck lift with a local anaesthetic and I can truly attest it was a totally positive experience with very little pain and no stress. One can choose some sedation if of a nervous nature. I decided to go for the lowest dose available as I wanted to be totally conscious but was worried that staying in one position for so long might be difficult for my back. I needn't have worried as I was allowed to shift position as much as I liked during the two hour operation. I was actually quite surprised that the operation was two hours as it seemed like about 45 minutes to me. I chatted to Mr Quaba and the nurse the entire time and it was a totally enjoyable experience. The only sensation I felt was a slight pulling but it was not painful in the least. Mr Quaba had injected local anaesthetic about 20 minutes before the operation with tiny needles such as they use for Botox. My recovery time was basically immediate as I was sitting up eating a cheese sandwich 30 minutes after the operation. I went home the next day and had absolutely no problems with recovery. I had no bruising and very little swelling. (I had the operation on a Monday and was back walking and shopping on the Thursday. I could have gone out sooner but the bandage has to remain on for several days, which was not the most attractive fashion item one could wear.) Within two weeks the slight swelling had completely subsided. I am totally thrilled with the results! Mr Quaba, in my opinion, is not just a brilliant surgeon but an artist whose skill level is at the very top of his field. He is also gentle and kind and makes one feel at ease throughout the whole process. He has given me back a face and neck that I never thought I would see again and this has increased my confidence in every aspect of my life. I highly recommend to anyone considering this procedure that they should do it. They will not be disappointed.

Dorothy, Fife, Tummy tuck and breast redulction, 2014

I am 38 yrs. old with three children and three grandchildren and was in much need of a tummy tuck. The procedure was carried out in October 2014 and was well worth it. Four years before my tummy tuck I had a breast reduction, this made me feel like a new person. After that expereince I decided to go for the tummy tuck and this had been well worth it. I have more confidence in my clothes and look much slimmer. Mr Quaba did all my procedures at the Murrayfield Hospital and made me feel from my first consultation that he could help me and gave me confidence to go ahead, I would tell anyone who is not happy with their body no matter what age to go ahead and get these procedures done .

Emma, Edinburgh, Plastic Surgery, 2014

I underwent reconstructive surgery in March 2013 at Spire Murrayfield Hospital following complication with surgery elsewhere. The Spire inclusive package included everything. I was quite nervous after a previous bad experience. My surgery went well and I was looked after by a great nursing team who made me feel at ease. My consultant Mr Ken Stewart was amazing his knowledge, manner and patient care was second to none. I did have to go back in May 2014 for a slight revision which was all covered under my package. I also travelled and the staff were great at working around times and dates. All in all the surgery, patient care, the welcoming feel, the staff and the aftercare is what makes Spire Murrayfield outstanding, and I would highly recommend Spire.

Anonymous, Edinburgh, Breast Augmentation, 2013

I was initially very nervous and apprehensive about my breast augmentation. Throughout my consultations with Mr Quaba he made me feel at ease immediately and I had complete faith in him and the hospital. I felt that Mr Quaba remained extremely professional and spent a significant amount of time speaking to me about my exact expectations and any concerns I had. On the day of my surgery all the staff I came into contact with could not have been more supportive. The staff nurse who looked after me before the operation was fantastic, she stayed with me all morning and held my hand as I was extremely anxious before being anesthetised. The anaesthetist was also extremely comforting and I felt I was in good hands. I was surprised to have literally no pain whatsoever after surgery and I received outstanding care from the nurses when I stayed over. I would not consider going else where when I am due my revision surgery. I am so pleased with my results, I feel more feminine and I am now in proportion for my age and weight. The surgery has made a significant difference to my confidence and self esteem, however the biggest difference is the smile on my face. I have recommended Dr Quaba to a few friends and will definitely continue to do so.

Jane, Edinburgh, upper eyelid surgery, 2013

I attended a consultation with Dr Cameron Raine in November 2012, after reading his web profile. He was very professional and made me feel relaxed discussing the procedure I wanted to have done. He spent lots of time going over options available for me. I was concerned about the loose skin on my upper eye lids; after deciding on a blepharoplasty, I came back two weeks later for my procedure. Dr Raine and his staff were very nice and friendly putting me at ease, they even played my favourite music, while having my procedure done, very relaxing.The aftercare and follow up appointment was excellent, Mr Raine took time to listen to my concerns. I am really pleased with my results, and would recommend Dr Raine, and his staff to anyone considering cosmetic surgery.

Donna, Edinburgh, body contouring surgery (following weight loss surgery), 2013

I met with Mr Cameron Raine who was really lovely and immediately put me at ease. He spent the time to fully understand my issues with the excess skin and suggested a number of options for me to consider. He encouraged me to take the time to consider what would be best for me and I decided to have a breast reduction and arm lift. The results have been brilliant. I feel much more confident in short sleeved tops and clothes seem to fit me much better. Mr Raine was very attentive throughout my procedure and I found him to be a very skilled surgeon. I have hardly any scars. Following the first plastic surgery procedure, I have since had a back lift and belt lipectomy. I have always felt very reassured in the care of my consultant and the nurses at the hospital. They do their best to make sure you’re as comfortable as possible and are there to lift your spirits when you’re feeling down.

My confidence in my body is now returning and with each operation I am becoming the person I always wanted to be and have the confidence to wear and do the things I always wanted to do but couldn’t do due the embarrassment of the loose skin. I have one more operation needing to be done and there is only one surgeon I will be turning too as I know and trust him to do the best he can for me.

I would definitely recommend Mr Raine to anyone considering plastic surgery, he’s professional, kind and very approachable.

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