Meet the team

In 2011 Spire Clare Park Hospital along with Mr Nick Elkington set up the satellite service for couples requiring IVF treatment in the Surrey, Hampshire and surrounding areas and has helped many couples realise their dream of having a baby.

Since 2011 Spire Clare Park has been offering satellite IVF treatment in conjunction with Mr Khalaf (Director Guys Assisted Conception Unit).

Our team at Clare Park Fertility Clinic is led by Mr Nick Elkington, consultant gynaecologist and fertility specialist. The clinic provides a discrete dedicated and personalised environment for couples.

Assisted by a fertility nurse, Nick Elkington sees patients for their initial IVF consultation, organises their medication and/or treatment, monitors their response to treatment and orchestrates the date for their egg collection and implantation at Guys Assisted Conception Unit (ACU) under Mr Yacoub Khalaf, Director of the Guys and St Thomas’ ACU

Nick Elkington trained at St Thomas' Hospital in London as both an undergraduate and post-graduate. Having completed a two year fellowship in Sydney he became a consultant obstetrician and gynaecologist at Frimley Park Hospital and Clare Park Hospital in 2006.